richiconWell I have slacked majorly since the move to Florida on the up keep of this blog.  In my defense well really I have none.  But I will say the carpel tunnel in my right hand is slowly getting worse and now Im thinking its close to the time I seriously need to contemplate getting my surgery done.  There is very little that I can do with it that doesnt cause it to hurt other than read.  Playing games on both my computer and my xbox causes it to flair and most morning I wake up with a dull ache in my right hand where before it was a mild pain.  It sucks. and the fact is compounded by my wanting to do scertine things like play video games and resume learning guitar.  Guitar is almost out of the question with my right hand I picked it up a little today and noticed I cant feel the strings with my ring and pinky fingers.  Other than my problems with my hand my life is going well.

2010 is rolling appon us fasst and its freally hard to believe that I have been out of highschool for close to 10 years now.  Seesh next year Ill be 30.  The only fasination that number holds for me is the PT test at work will get a little bit easier as I wont have to do nearly as much.  I am starting to get myself back into shape again and will start running every day.  I was doing a mandatory Saturday PT but that had been canceled till after the holiday season as alot of people wasnt showing up due to leave ect.  I myself was always showing up due to I think I have a better understanding of what mandatory means than alot of my co workers.

On a friends recomendation from work I have picked up the Wheel of TIme series by Jobert Jordan.  So far I have made my way thouhg the first 3 books and Im now just over half way though the 4th.  I looks like Im going to have to hit up the base library for books 5 though 8 and finish with barrowed books for the rest.    I didn’t realize that the base library was free and Ill probably start barrowing books from there as I really enjoy reading.

I’m from this point forward going to make a better showing of up keeping this blog.

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  • Roy just finished guitar practice for the evening starting to sound better but still sound like ass in my opinion.
    June 3rd via Facebook
  • Roy got my third video card back from evga new computer is rocking it hardcore now.
    May 27th via Facebook
  • Roy Got my new amp yesterday its a Line 6 Spider 4 15 watt it sounds awesome with my new guitar.
    May 22nd via Facebook
  • Roy gaming on 3 24 inch monitors is awe inspiring awesome.
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  • Roy Good movie watching that makes me want to make scale mail. On our way back to base to get the girls.
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  • Roy Date night at the rave going to watch Thor in 3s.
    May 14th via Facebook
  • Roy been playing need for speed shift 2 on my PC found a driver to have my PS3 controller work on my PC so now I can drive with that. Im much smoother and faster around the tracks iwht the PS3 controller vs the keyboard.
    May 13th via Facebook
  • Roy had the cooling fan of one of my 580 GTX's go out today just waiting on EVGA to approve my RMA.
    May 11th via Facebook