richiconWell here we are another week another long post.  Yesterday was MLK day so I had that off.  For the most part the weekend was pretty good.  Jody and I went to COSCO on Saturday with the kids and we had In and Out Burger for lunch.  On Sunday evening I went out and played D&D with my friends.  Monday was a pain in the ass as the power in on base housing went out again, I’m planning on going today (Tuesday) and filing a complaint with the housing office.

This weekend we attempted to make beef jerky, but the dehydrator that we got from sears in Santa Maria sucked ass.  We had it plugged in maybe 10 hours on Sunday starting the first batch and the trays started to crack.  Jody took it back on Monday and we ordered a new one from Sears .com which should be here in 7 to 10 days.  So I had to freeze what was left of my meat which was two small sand witch bags full.  The little bit that I did get done though turned rather well and from the sounds of it Jody will probably be buying me a roast to turn into jerky probably every payday or so.  Which is fine for by me as I really enjoy myself some Beef Jerky.  I will say I was tempted to make some in the oven and almost bought the racks but since the meat can be frozen,  Well just forget about it as I know our girls will not be able to keep their little paws out of the cracked open oven door that is required to do it in the oven.

In WoW I hit 80 on Monday as planned so my dwarf is officially signed up to Raid with the guild once again.  I was actually supposed to raid last night but with the power going out for 9+ hours or so that kinda killed that idea.  I ended up dumping a ton of gold into some gear as mostly I had a crafted epic gun and a bunch of quest greens and a few blues thrown in.  I’m working on replacing the gear that is to subpar with some BOE blues to go raiding and run heroics with, that way my DPS won’t be as subpar as it could be.  I should get to raid tonight if there isn’t another massive power outage again.  I might be able to run a heroic when I get home but that is uncertain as we have commanders call today but that should be over by 4:30 this afternoon so I should be logged in and ready to go by 5ish that would give us about an hour to kill before we have to be ready for the raid which starts at 6:30 or so and goes until 10ish.  I still hoping that my wife starts to level her shaman so that this weekend or maybe later this week I can restart my Death Knight and play with her.  Basically my plan is to vendor my current DKS’s gear and send the money to my hunter.  Reroll the toon and play with my wife from 58 onward.   I know I currently have around 900gold on my DK and he really doesn’t need much so that would be all gravy for my hunter for a while and then on my hunter start to save up for epic flying skills for my DK and will probably need to save gold to help Jody get her epic flying skill.  At lunch today I plan on finishing up my gear loadout and maybe going and looking for the rare cat a little bit.  When I get home this afternoon Ill need to talk to Rob and see what we are raiding tonight and start the process of reading strats to learn what I need to for the boss fights that we will face tonight.

Before the power went out yesterday I dropped a stack for gold for gear and gems today I need to drop a little more for training and more gear so Ill be all set.  I really need a new pair of bracers as Im still using my old level 70 PvP gear bracers. 

Tuesday night I got to raid for the first time in almost a year.  I have to say Naxx is a lot of fun we cleared the spider wing and started on the abomination wing.  We did relatively well I think Globus gave us some problems be we did eventually down him.

Wednesday night we tried to get me into some heroics but that didn’t seem to want to happen so instead I ran around doing quests and bought more gear off of the auction house.

Thrusday night I ran heroic Violet Hold and Penicial.  Afterward I ran around doing some mining and more quests as I dropped my gold supply to very low levels and wanted to get it back up to around 1k gold again.  I have to say doing daily quests still makes the gathering of gold rather easy.

Friday Night I went and played D&D with friends once again.  Kraus my wizard is now level 3 and finally I was able to do some damage with him.  We went and killed some bandits and a vampire.  This of course after I learn that our rouge is my niece and the ranger is something close to me second cousin.  Damn elves we get around rather well it seems.

Saturday I mostly lounged around the house .  I was in a lot of pain has I pulled something in my right hip and was limping around anytime I got up to go get something.  It was one of those times I wish my kids understood the phrase “Go get Daddy a MT Dew.” 

Saturday I respeced my hunter to a Survivalist more or less to keep me from wasting tons of time looking for that cat.  Did I mention I have droped a ton of gold of gear gems and enchants the last few days?  Yeh I had to regem a lot of my gear of the spec but I really like what my hunter does now in terms of damage.  If the fight is a strait up tank and spank raid buffed Im putting out over 2000+ DPS.  So Im very happy there.  Last night I also had to buy the mats in order to get my frost resistance gear made.  Plus I had to buy some gems for them and one more gem to replace my 32 ap gem with a 16 agi gem.  My build values agi over anything else as I have a talent that give me 15% more agi.  So yeah Im stacking agi as much as I can.  In a lot of ways it reminds me of when I very first started to raid with my hunter back in the days of molten core.  Back then I stacked agi like crazy as well got my agi all the way up to 800 or so raid buffed.  Now raid buffed Im over 1400 maybe closer to 1600 with about 30% crit rate.  The other thing I have learned is that hit is very important thing to have.  So now Im sporting 9.01% to hit after you put in my gear and talents.  Over all I feel I did really well in the raid last week bringing my DPS up to the point of putting me at 4th on the DPS chart behind a mage and 3 death knights.  Jody didn’t play much at all this weekend so my death knight is mostly on hold at the moment.  Im going to go on and do the starter area really soon to at least get the knight going and be waiting for when she finally hits 58 and we can go into outland together and  level her shamy and my DK.

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