Well one of the things that I would like to do this year is attempt to do better at writing posts for this blog. Amazingly (Or maybe not so) I write a large percentage of my posts from work and post them either A when I get home or B when there isn’t so many people around. One of the nice things about writing my posts at work is it lets me look incredibly busy even if I’m just hacking away at an email like I currently am today (Friday) after lunch. I changed the theme of this blog so it looks more “Quest Log” like. It’s not that I didn’t like the theme that Jody posted up here it’s just I wanted something that fit more into the theme that I had originally wanted when I started doing this blog just over a year ago.

Anyway we just got back from Canada this week. It was an ok trip I got to play a lot of video games and hang out with Jody’s Family and my girls. When at her Uncles house I downloaded the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 10 day free trial and started to play that. The day I got it I realized that I couldn’t level my hunter past 1 xp point away from 71 so I started to level a Death Knight.

Death Knights are pretty cool. They remind me heavily of paladins without direct healing spells. But they totally chew though content like crazy. The other nice thing about them is that you start at level 55 and at the end of the Death Knight Starter Area you have an epic mount a full set of blue armor weapons and all the talent points up to the 58~ish level.  One thing that I have noticed since returning to WoW is that gold seems to be extremely easy to come by at this point.  My death knight has just over 900g and my Dwarf Hunter has just over 800g on them. The Death Knight started with 0g and my dwarf started with just above 75g. Still that’s a lot of gold to be made in just over a week now. As well my Death Knight is sitting at 66 and my dwarf is sitting at 72~73.

The other thing is at least on my account we won’t be paying for it for a while as we have a World of Warcraft rewards card that had enough points on it to give me at least 2 months of free game time. As well I cast a scroll of resurrection on my wife’s account and I’ll get another 30 days of free game play from there as well. SO in all it’ll be about May ~ Juneish when we actually have to pay for my account. To help pay for this I have agreed to cancel my Gamefly account for a while as there isn’t a lot of games out that I really want to ply on my 360.

I have played most of the major releases for this holiday season and frankly I wasn’t really all that impressed with most of them. The best two games that I played was Gears of War and Fable 2. I loved both of those games but really the rest just seem to be rehashes. Midnight Club was fun but honestly how many times do we have to do illegal street racing in a video game? Likewise how many times are we going to visit World War 2? I know it was a popular war for the self sacrifice in the war but common it’s a little played out at this point we really need to find something new to do as I feel the whole world war 2 shooter is getting massively played out.
Haronix bought country music to Rock Band this past month I bought the country pack for the game just haven’t played it yet as I was unable to take any of my RB2 instruments with me to Canada. Hell if I did bring them more than likely Air Canada would have lost them anyway.

That sucked by the way when Jody, The Girls and myself arrived at Victoria we found out that Air Canada had lost our luggage. Probably because of the fact that we only had about an hour and half layover in Vancouver before our flight for Victoria left. Did I mention that our winter coats was packed away in our luggage? Along with my 360? Yeah it sucked big time luckily Jody had her sweater and her Uncle brought some stuff for the girls like blankets and such but me I had only the jeans t-shirt and combat books that I wore up there. So yeah it was pretty cold up there. Thankfully Air Canada got our bags to us the next day but still.

Once again though I have gone with another trip to Canada with only seeing her Grandma’s Place and her Aunt and Uncles place. Now I know I’m a pretty simple guy and that for the most part I’m content to spend time playing video games and not really heading out. Just every so often I would have liked to go out and see stuff but with no car that could haul everyone I fell that I was forced to stay in one place the majority of the time.
I got to sport a goatee for about 3 weeks which was nice as I think I look pretty good with a goatee vs clean shaven. But hey rules are rules so the night before I had to come back to work I shaved it off and I sit here once again clean shaven. But I know that Jody has a few pictures of me running around of it so I’ll see about posting them up here.

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