Well once again I have left WoW behind.  Mostly out of boredom,  My raid has to many hunters and that has caused me to only to be a ble to raid once a month.  Honestly that isnt enough for me so I left.  I know leaving the g ame seems a little drastic for that but honestly after geting my dragon mount I have had little to no want to play any more.  So oppon the recomendation of Rob I got Army of Two for my Xbox 360.

Now before I go into the game I want to talk a bit about xbox live.  When I first got my xbox 360 now about a year ago I had an xbox live gold account for about 3 months as thats what came with the system.  At the time you could download demos and play online with your friends you just couldnt host on a silver account witch is what my account went to after the 3 months.  That was fine for me since most of my  friends have gold accounts and are more than happy to host the games and all was good.  Up till Monday night when Army of Two came in the mail from Gamefly.  When Rob and I tried to play together a  screen came up and said must be on a xbox live gold account to play.  So I checked it out and found out that it is 8 bucks for a month or 50 bucks for a year.  Jody let me get a year so I good untill 25 March 2009.  Now it took a bit for the account change to accually make it to my system and after 5 minutes after Rob logged off to spend time with his wife it started working.  Now my only other thought on this is why does Microsoft charge for Xbox Live when Sony doesnt for the Playstation Network?  Odd I would think they would be priced the same aka free.

Now Army of Two is allot of fun.  Its allot like last years hit Gears of War but more focused toward Co Op than single person experience.  In the game you play as one of two guys Salem and Rios.  Currently I’m playing Salem and Rob is playing Rios.  The games story line is allot like a buddy movie with allot of gun play and funny dialog.  Matter of fact you can walk up to your partner and hit a button and either do a air guitar or slug em. Now one of the things that I love about this game is the sniping mechanics as its very accurate.  I found out last night that I was able to shoot the guys manning the turrets though the small maybe 6 inch viewing slot.  I must have killed about 50 people that way not to mention just blowing them away randomly with it.  The other things that I enjoy are that the game forces you to work as a team.  If you don’t work as a team you both will die.  Now something I think is cool is that the devs put in agro into a shoot game.  The way it works is that if you or your partner has a large enough gun or just fires enough you’ll have agro making your partner invisible able to sneak around and flank the enemy.

Over all I think it’s a fun game and look forward to finishing it.

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