Monday Matt dropped off his PS2 so I could barrow it and play some PS2 games. My first impressions of the machine is OMG don’t breath on it for it will shatter into a billion pieces. I currently have it sitting on top of my Xbox 360 witch towers over the PS2.

Sitting up the PS2 was simple like all consoles it was just plugging in the power hooking it into my monitor, plugging in the controller and memory card that Matt loaned me and turning it on.

The only thing that I dislike about the PS2 is the size of the controller and the shape of it. I actually like the feel of the Xbox 360’s controller over the dual shock controller of the PS2. But the controller does have a nice feel to it just I feel like its to small.

Now Matt loaned me a whole slew of game for it including God of War.

God of War is probably one of the best games I’ve played this year. The over the top violence combined with the nudity works well for the game. Just parents DON”T BUY THIS GAME FOR YOUR UNDERAGE KIDS!

Yes there is nudity in the game mostly in female form but like I said before it works for the context of the game.

You see you play the role of Kraytos a very bad guy that trying to repent his past so the Greek Gods will just let him get a decent night sleep and screw scantly clad chicks.

Game play is very simple you smash buttons or combos there of and Kraytos dismembers your enemies in some of the most gruesome ways. One of my favorite monitors to kill are the gorgons. They are a medusa like creature where if you entire into this mini game of turning the left analog stick you’ll rip her head right off. For some reason that just is extremely cool to me. The game can be as easy or as technical as you want to play it. Want to chain attacks for massive damage you can do that. Want to randomly mash buttons and just watch the swords on chains fly around killing everything in their path? You can do that as well,

Overall the game is a masterpiece and I’m very impressed and happy that its been my introduction to the PS2.

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