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Jody and I got a baby sitter yesterday evening and went to the Godsmack concert at the mid state fiar in Paso Robles.  I really enjoy the drive up there and back again since we took my 350z.  I can honestly say now I really enjoy the cars road manners as its responsive and quick when needs to be and its pretty easty to keep in a strait line.

We used map quest dirrections to get ot the fiar and honestly the map quest directions like normal was crap .  They wanted us to turn off on some road that we didn’t see instead we took one of the exits marked fair exit. 

Parking at the fair was just as bad we ended up paying some guy 10 bucks to let us park the Z in his back yard.  As a result all the time we was at the fair I kept thinking I hope my car is ok.  Yeah I know I was probally worring a bit much about it but like I’ve said before the car is my dream car and no one wants to see a dream anything get jacked up.

The concernt itself was meh to be honest.  Now I only have one rock concert and a country music concernt to compair it to but to be honest it lacked any sort of energy to it.  At the Distrubed concernt we went to last year for Jody’s birthday the energy there was so thick you could cut it with a knife and at the Garth Brooks concernt that I went to when I was 16 with Barb my sister well that concert was just freaking awesome.  This concernt though was meh.  They had a local band called Sad Lisa as one of the opening acts and I honestly couldnt understand them and they seemed to do more covers of other peoples stuff than their own material and what material they did have sucked in my oppionin.  The second opening act, why they needed 2 opening acts is beyond me, was Hoobastank.  Hoobastank was pretty good I didn’t know many of their songs but was fun listening to them anyway.

Godsmack though I honestly expected more.  They seemed to tack on long assed intro’s and exits to songs for no better reason than to hear themselves play.  Now granted the dueling drum sets was kinda cool but I dont think it was cool for the 10 to 15 minutes that they did it.  But like I said before the entire thing lacked energy.  It could have been the venue though Im not sure. 

The fair was kinda cool we mostly sat around awaiting for our concert.  We ate dinner at this hamburger stand and honestly that was the best burger Ive ate in a long time.  Not sure what it was about it though it was just a good damn burger.  Jody for whatever reason seemed to be more interested in beer. ZOMG they serve beer here.  She ended up having 2 beers that she paid around 4 bucks each for but would have goten more if she had found the ATM before the concernt instead of when we left.  Mostly beacuse its not fiar that she gets to drink yet I had to stay sober so I could drive.  Maybe the concert would have been better if I had some booze in me.

Oh and when we left the 350z was fine witch made me extreemly happy.

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  • Roy just finished guitar practice for the evening starting to sound better but still sound like ass in my opinion.
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  • Roy got my third video card back from evga new computer is rocking it hardcore now.
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  • Roy Got my new amp yesterday its a Line 6 Spider 4 15 watt it sounds awesome with my new guitar.
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  • Roy been playing need for speed shift 2 on my PC found a driver to have my PS3 controller work on my PC so now I can drive with that. Im much smoother and faster around the tracks iwht the PS3 controller vs the keyboard.
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  • Roy had the cooling fan of one of my 580 GTX's go out today just waiting on EVGA to approve my RMA.
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