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Well I had this big long email that spanned probably many pages that more or less covered the week and all my thoughts then some douche bag rebooted my machine while I was away and lost it all. So before warned that this blog post may come off a sounding a little angry and annoyed also it will cover some of the things going on in my life this week as well as wow stuff.

Monday my ID died. I couldn’t to a whole hell of a lot as I turned the issue of me not being able to log back into my computer over to our network geeks and they took most of the day in getting back to me with a fix action. Witch by noon I figured out for myself and went down to the MPF and got a new ID made. It was nice as they was wanting me to wait until the 5th or some such nonsense instead since they wasn’t busy I was able to get in just after lunch on Monday. So now I have an ID Card that will last me another year as it seems that’s about how long it takes me to wear one out. Then later that afternoon I was heading home to change for PT pulled up to my house and push the button for my Garage door to open well the door didn’t go up and I turned around and went back to the office to inform my supervisor who thankfully was still playing ping pong with his supervisor out in the high bay. But that ended up being a god send as I really didn’t want to go to PT that day and there was a contractor here that needed some help so I was able to give him a hand instead of going to PT. After work I didn’t get to play any wow as instead I went and played Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. I like getting to play D&D as it allows me to get out of the house and go be social.

In D&D I now have a level 2 elf wizard who just got a pretty sweet staff as it gives +1 to all cold spells and I was able to take a feat that gives me an additional +1 to cold and acid spells. Since those are my two main damage types that’s extremely nice to have. Also it gives me a +1 to my to hit rolls which makes it just that much easier for me to hit with my spells.

Tuesday unlike Monday’s sitting around boredom fest I was busy all day running answers to questions I had about projects and what not down. For the most part Tuesday was a pretty good day I was busy and time just seemed to fly by and I was able to do a lot of stuff.

Tuesday evening I was able to start once again heading for 80 on my dwarf hunter. Currently as of this writing I’m sitting at 77 most of the way to 78, my plan is to hit 78 tonight hopefully 79 tomorrow and 80 by the end of my 3 day weekend. (Thanks MLK) My hunter is coming along nicely enough. I did tame the ghost cat that spawns from the figurines in Auberdine and I dig the changes for hunter pets leveling. Now I no longer have to level the cat form the low teens to my level they auto level the cat to 5 levels under you. But I am currently having massive agro issues as its pretty easy for me to pull agro off of my pet since none of my pets are the same level as I am.

Well shit since I have to rewrite this from memory I’m not really sure what happened on Wednesday. But I think that’s the day that I up and decided that I was done with being pissed off at work. Mostly I have come to the conclusion of the fact I hate my job. It’s not really what I do it’s the people I do it for. My job satisifctaction is at an all time low right now mostly because this is the second time this year that I have taken a block of time off and come back to find no one has helped me out and done anything for me, but for the most part I’m chalking that up to the fact that some of the people in this unit are just lazy and the others are too busy.

Before I continue into what went on yesterday (Thursday) I will say I have smartened up and started to write this in word instead of an email least this way when I add to it I can hit save pull my ID card out of the computer and walk away.

Thursday not a whole lot did happen mostly it was a slower repeat of Tuesday for me. I did hit level 78 on my dwarf and I think I’m on track for being level 80 on Monday. I should hit 79 tomorrow. Sunday I go play D&D at 4pm so but I should have enough time to get most of the way to 80 and then on Monday hit 80. I might actually get to raid on Monday but I’m not counting on it. For the most part my Hunters gear is crap. I’m still using shoulders that I started leveling with as well as the gloves, and the rest of my gear is quest blues and greens. More than likely though it will be late afternoon Monday when I hit 80. We’ll see how it goes though so far I’m questing in Icecrown and the mobs there are harder than I’m use to.

Well its been a while since I updated this blog and since my sister seems to be glued to this thing I guess Ill go on and update.  Not a whole lot going on here.  I get up go to work go home and tend to rinse and repeate the next day.  The kids seem to be doing well and I love them very much.  I am scared though that the oldest will be going back to her mother in November but they are still doing supervised visits so for the time being Im not that concerned over it. 

Im still greatly enjoying my 350z.  There are some stuff I would like to get for it for Christmas like a new head unit, radar detector and some other things.  But the car is fun and I enjoy driving it when I get a chance.  Sadly I don’t get that much of a chance to drive it all that often.  I had planed to go for a dive this weekend but that didn’t work out as I noticed I’m down to about a half a tank of gas and I have to make that last me this week and we don’t get paid till Monday.   

Saturday I picked up a new game called Forza 2 Motor sport.  Its and extremely fun game.  Ive restarted twice though because Ive spent to much money upgrading a car that in the end turned out to be worthless and since I once again connected by Xbox 360 into my wireless network I was able t download a few new cars for the game.  The game came with a 2003 350z already in it and I downloaded a car pack that has a 2007 350z in it.  The 2003 seems to have a better upgrade path than the 07 though as the 03 can have the engine swaped out for the all wheel drive train from a skyline into it.  I actually was able to build up and tune a 350z to go over 230 MPH. 

Anyway I’m going to include a sample Christmas list with this post so some people can get ideas of what it is I would like to get for Christmas. 

Car StuffTools IE torque wrenches, socket wrenches both standard and metric, floor jack that’s small enough but strong enough to lift my 350z.A decent Radar detector ie Escort Passport or a Valentine V1.Pioneer in Dash Mp3/CD Player with Bluetooth2 way auto paging security system (one from Costco includes install) 


Computer StuffMore RamDVD burner in black 

Xbox 360HD CableRacing wheel for the 360. 

There are some other things that Im doing research on and some games that are iffy if thye are going to be out in time for the holiday season.  Of course if some one could get an excellent deal on a PS3 I take that as well as there are some very cool games coming out for that not to mention Gran Trisimo HD. 

Also Im pretty excited about the trip my sister is planning to bring the family all together in

Las Vegas again.  That will be cool since Jody and I will get a sitter for the kids so we could go in the 350z not to mention that Vegas is no place for little kids.

Jody and I got a baby sitter yesterday evening and went to the Godsmack concert at the mid state fiar in Paso Robles.  I really enjoy the drive up there and back again since we took my 350z.  I can honestly say now I really enjoy the cars road manners as its responsive and quick when needs to be and its pretty easty to keep in a strait line.

We used map quest dirrections to get ot the fiar and honestly the map quest directions like normal was crap .  They wanted us to turn off on some road that we didn’t see instead we took one of the exits marked fair exit. 

Parking at the fair was just as bad we ended up paying some guy 10 bucks to let us park the Z in his back yard.  As a result all the time we was at the fair I kept thinking I hope my car is ok.  Yeah I know I was probally worring a bit much about it but like I’ve said before the car is my dream car and no one wants to see a dream anything get jacked up.

The concernt itself was meh to be honest.  Now I only have one rock concert and a country music concernt to compair it to but to be honest it lacked any sort of energy to it.  At the Distrubed concernt we went to last year for Jody’s birthday the energy there was so thick you could cut it with a knife and at the Garth Brooks concernt that I went to when I was 16 with Barb my sister well that concert was just freaking awesome.  This concernt though was meh.  They had a local band called Sad Lisa as one of the opening acts and I honestly couldnt understand them and they seemed to do more covers of other peoples stuff than their own material and what material they did have sucked in my oppionin.  The second opening act, why they needed 2 opening acts is beyond me, was Hoobastank.  Hoobastank was pretty good I didn’t know many of their songs but was fun listening to them anyway.

Godsmack though I honestly expected more.  They seemed to tack on long assed intro’s and exits to songs for no better reason than to hear themselves play.  Now granted the dueling drum sets was kinda cool but I dont think it was cool for the 10 to 15 minutes that they did it.  But like I said before the entire thing lacked energy.  It could have been the venue though Im not sure. 

The fair was kinda cool we mostly sat around awaiting for our concert.  We ate dinner at this hamburger stand and honestly that was the best burger Ive ate in a long time.  Not sure what it was about it though it was just a good damn burger.  Jody for whatever reason seemed to be more interested in beer. ZOMG they serve beer here.  She ended up having 2 beers that she paid around 4 bucks each for but would have goten more if she had found the ATM before the concernt instead of when we left.  Mostly beacuse its not fiar that she gets to drink yet I had to stay sober so I could drive.  Maybe the concert would have been better if I had some booze in me.

Oh and when we left the 350z was fine witch made me extreemly happy.

On Saturday Jody and I set up this website to be a portal for our families into our lives. In the last 3 days alot of work has been one to make this site really good and Ive had to give my self a massive crash corse into CSS as the free theme that Jody found relied heavily on CSS to make it work. I plan on doing a recode now that I understand CSS more and plan on making it more expandable. Along with making a corasponding blog theme to tie the blogs into the main site. I would also like to figure out how to pull the newest post form both blogs and display that into the main page as well. All this is going to require me to learn CSS even more than I currently know it and to learn PHP. PHP scares me it looks like greek to me but Im sure after I start breaking things that I can get it to work the way I need it to. My code for a while is going to be messy but Im confidant that I can get it to work.

Ive owned my 2004 350z for 9 days now. Im really enjoying the car even though right now the only trips I get to make in it is to work home and the gym and the few things that I need to do around base for my job. I love how responsive it is and I enjoy how stiff the car is witch helps in how responsive that it is.

The Paint needs some TLC witch I plan on giving it some time between the 6th and 10th of August as thats when Im going on leave since Jodys grandma will be down and Ill have some time to spend on it. In all Ill need the majority of a day to strip the wax, witch from the feel of it wont really be needed as it feels as if it doesnt have a coat of wax on it since it rolled off the factory line, clay bar it then polish and wax it. Thank fully I have a cordless random orbital buffer to use on the car that I had bought to help me wax the mustang.

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