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On Saturday Jody and I set up this website to be a portal for our families into our lives. In the last 3 days alot of work has been one to make this site really good and Ive had to give my self a massive crash corse into CSS as the free theme that Jody found relied heavily on CSS to make it work. I plan on doing a recode now that I understand CSS more and plan on making it more expandable. Along with making a corasponding blog theme to tie the blogs into the main site. I would also like to figure out how to pull the newest post form both blogs and display that into the main page as well. All this is going to require me to learn CSS even more than I currently know it and to learn PHP. PHP scares me it looks like greek to me but Im sure after I start breaking things that I can get it to work the way I need it to. My code for a while is going to be messy but Im confidant that I can get it to work.

Ive owned my 2004 350z for 9 days now. Im really enjoying the car even though right now the only trips I get to make in it is to work home and the gym and the few things that I need to do around base for my job. I love how responsive it is and I enjoy how stiff the car is witch helps in how responsive that it is.

The Paint needs some TLC witch I plan on giving it some time between the 6th and 10th of August as thats when Im going on leave since Jodys grandma will be down and Ill have some time to spend on it. In all Ill need the majority of a day to strip the wax, witch from the feel of it wont really be needed as it feels as if it doesnt have a coat of wax on it since it rolled off the factory line, clay bar it then polish and wax it. Thank fully I have a cordless random orbital buffer to use on the car that I had bought to help me wax the mustang.

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    October 3rd via Facebook
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    June 14th via Facebook
  • Roy just finished guitar practice for the evening starting to sound better but still sound like ass in my opinion.
    June 3rd via Facebook
  • Roy got my third video card back from evga new computer is rocking it hardcore now.
    May 27th via Facebook
  • Roy Got my new amp yesterday its a Line 6 Spider 4 15 watt it sounds awesome with my new guitar.
    May 22nd via Facebook
  • Roy gaming on 3 24 inch monitors is awe inspiring awesome.
    May 19th via Facebook
  • Roy Good movie watching that makes me want to make scale mail. On our way back to base to get the girls.
    May 14th via Facebook
  • Roy Date night at the rave going to watch Thor in 3s.
    May 14th via Facebook
  • Roy been playing need for speed shift 2 on my PC found a driver to have my PS3 controller work on my PC so now I can drive with that. Im much smoother and faster around the tracks iwht the PS3 controller vs the keyboard.
    May 13th via Facebook
  • Roy had the cooling fan of one of my 580 GTX's go out today just waiting on EVGA to approve my RMA.
    May 11th via Facebook