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Well its official I lost the staff stripe because I have integrity.  I’m not going to go into it its water under the bridge Ill retest in May and make it next year end of story not going to go any farther into it.


 Jody picked me up the AC/DC Track pack from Wal-Mart on Tuesday night.  I really enjoy AC/DC’s music and there are a lot of fun tracks in that track pack that I really enjoy playing.  But there are a few where I enjoy the song but can’t play it due to the hammer on and pull off wankery that was added to the song due to the songs being live versions of the songs. (Highway to Hell for example)  I still really enjoy playing Rock Band though and I plan on bringing it with me to Canada when we go.  Just not sure if I’m going to bring the mic and drums or not so right now it just might be me on my guitar (controller) rocking out into my headphones.  I finally got over 1 million fans in the game and I’m very proud of that accomplishment.  Yes I consider it an accomplishment since when you hit 970k or so fans you then have to 4 or 5 star every song you play to get more fans.  I’m considering starting another band and playing though the tour all over again as I know my shredding skills are getting better.


Speaking of guitar and shredding.  Currently I’m learning cords on my real guitar.  So far I have my E major A major and working on the G Major.  A friend of mine from work has recommended that I do that pattern as it will sound good together and it will help me learn to just make the shape and go without looking at my hand, and the more I change chords the quicker I will learn play them.  I’m bound and determined to learn to play my guitar.  I may not be able to play it very well but I’m wanting to learn to play the thing well enough that when I play a song like Hells Bells or Enter Sandman that it sounds like the song.  Jody said if I can learn to play 10 songs then shell consider it worth it to buy me a better guitar and since I’m a geek gear is always a good incentive for me.  I wanted to learn a Christmas song before our trip but I don’t think I can do that as most of the Christmas songs require a little (a lot to be honest) more skill than what I currently possess but I will have one learned before next Christmas.  Just strumming the thing though relaxes me and causes me just to chill so for that I consider every ounce of effort I put into the instrument well worth the effort. I can’t say enough good things about this site.  I have been using a pair of instructors to help me learn the basics and so far these to above all the others for the style of music that I want to play most has been a very large help for me.  Electric Guitar from my understanding is a little easier to play due to the fact that the play action (how far and how hard you have to push the strings down) is a lot less than that of a steel string acoustic guitar.  But still for someone that has never played any sort of musical instrument ( 6 weeks of band in 8th grade doesn’t count) before its quite the challenge.  I spend a lot of time listening to music that I one day would like to play.  Currently I am learning one of those songs AC/DC’s Hells Bells.  But I m learning cord progressions so that one day I can sit down with my guitar and just jam away and it sounds like something pretty cool and not just note fret note check my fingering strum that sort of thing.  Jody has told me more than once it’s not going to come over night and I understand that but I’m attempting to put in a bit of time every night.  On some nights I’m more successful than others but still I try.


I at one time a few weeks ago was thinking it would be cool to go see Metallica in concert down in LA but after doing the research into it I found out that the tickets for their shows is got for around 100 dollars apiece. I  can’t afford that much for a concert that I will have to drive to get a hotel room for and drive back not to mention the price of a pair of tickets.  I was really hoping the cost would be around what I paid to go see Disturbed(Best concert I have ever been to other than Garth Brooks) a few years back or even God Smack(God that concert sucked) last year.  But 100 bucks common guys.



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  • Roy just finished guitar practice for the evening starting to sound better but still sound like ass in my opinion.
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  • Roy got my third video card back from evga new computer is rocking it hardcore now.
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  • Roy had the cooling fan of one of my 580 GTX's go out today just waiting on EVGA to approve my RMA.
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