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Well I had this big long email that spanned probably many pages that more or less covered the week and all my thoughts then some douche bag rebooted my machine while I was away and lost it all. So before warned that this blog post may come off a sounding a little angry and annoyed also it will cover some of the things going on in my life this week as well as wow stuff.

Monday my ID died. I couldn’t to a whole hell of a lot as I turned the issue of me not being able to log back into my computer over to our network geeks and they took most of the day in getting back to me with a fix action. Witch by noon I figured out for myself and went down to the MPF and got a new ID made. It was nice as they was wanting me to wait until the 5th or some such nonsense instead since they wasn’t busy I was able to get in just after lunch on Monday. So now I have an ID Card that will last me another year as it seems that’s about how long it takes me to wear one out. Then later that afternoon I was heading home to change for PT pulled up to my house and push the button for my Garage door to open well the door didn’t go up and I turned around and went back to the office to inform my supervisor who thankfully was still playing ping pong with his supervisor out in the high bay. But that ended up being a god send as I really didn’t want to go to PT that day and there was a contractor here that needed some help so I was able to give him a hand instead of going to PT. After work I didn’t get to play any wow as instead I went and played Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. I like getting to play D&D as it allows me to get out of the house and go be social.

In D&D I now have a level 2 elf wizard who just got a pretty sweet staff as it gives +1 to all cold spells and I was able to take a feat that gives me an additional +1 to cold and acid spells. Since those are my two main damage types that’s extremely nice to have. Also it gives me a +1 to my to hit rolls which makes it just that much easier for me to hit with my spells.

Tuesday unlike Monday’s sitting around boredom fest I was busy all day running answers to questions I had about projects and what not down. For the most part Tuesday was a pretty good day I was busy and time just seemed to fly by and I was able to do a lot of stuff.

Tuesday evening I was able to start once again heading for 80 on my dwarf hunter. Currently as of this writing I’m sitting at 77 most of the way to 78, my plan is to hit 78 tonight hopefully 79 tomorrow and 80 by the end of my 3 day weekend. (Thanks MLK) My hunter is coming along nicely enough. I did tame the ghost cat that spawns from the figurines in Auberdine and I dig the changes for hunter pets leveling. Now I no longer have to level the cat form the low teens to my level they auto level the cat to 5 levels under you. But I am currently having massive agro issues as its pretty easy for me to pull agro off of my pet since none of my pets are the same level as I am.

Well shit since I have to rewrite this from memory I’m not really sure what happened on Wednesday. But I think that’s the day that I up and decided that I was done with being pissed off at work. Mostly I have come to the conclusion of the fact I hate my job. It’s not really what I do it’s the people I do it for. My job satisifctaction is at an all time low right now mostly because this is the second time this year that I have taken a block of time off and come back to find no one has helped me out and done anything for me, but for the most part I’m chalking that up to the fact that some of the people in this unit are just lazy and the others are too busy.

Before I continue into what went on yesterday (Thursday) I will say I have smartened up and started to write this in word instead of an email least this way when I add to it I can hit save pull my ID card out of the computer and walk away.

Thursday not a whole lot did happen mostly it was a slower repeat of Tuesday for me. I did hit level 78 on my dwarf and I think I’m on track for being level 80 on Monday. I should hit 79 tomorrow. Sunday I go play D&D at 4pm so but I should have enough time to get most of the way to 80 and then on Monday hit 80. I might actually get to raid on Monday but I’m not counting on it. For the most part my Hunters gear is crap. I’m still using shoulders that I started leveling with as well as the gloves, and the rest of my gear is quest blues and greens. More than likely though it will be late afternoon Monday when I hit 80. We’ll see how it goes though so far I’m questing in Icecrown and the mobs there are harder than I’m use to.

Well its official I lost the staff stripe because I have integrity.  I’m not going to go into it its water under the bridge Ill retest in May and make it next year end of story not going to go any farther into it.


 Jody picked me up the AC/DC Track pack from Wal-Mart on Tuesday night.  I really enjoy AC/DC’s music and there are a lot of fun tracks in that track pack that I really enjoy playing.  But there are a few where I enjoy the song but can’t play it due to the hammer on and pull off wankery that was added to the song due to the songs being live versions of the songs. (Highway to Hell for example)  I still really enjoy playing Rock Band though and I plan on bringing it with me to Canada when we go.  Just not sure if I’m going to bring the mic and drums or not so right now it just might be me on my guitar (controller) rocking out into my headphones.  I finally got over 1 million fans in the game and I’m very proud of that accomplishment.  Yes I consider it an accomplishment since when you hit 970k or so fans you then have to 4 or 5 star every song you play to get more fans.  I’m considering starting another band and playing though the tour all over again as I know my shredding skills are getting better.


Speaking of guitar and shredding.  Currently I’m learning cords on my real guitar.  So far I have my E major A major and working on the G Major.  A friend of mine from work has recommended that I do that pattern as it will sound good together and it will help me learn to just make the shape and go without looking at my hand, and the more I change chords the quicker I will learn play them.  I’m bound and determined to learn to play my guitar.  I may not be able to play it very well but I’m wanting to learn to play the thing well enough that when I play a song like Hells Bells or Enter Sandman that it sounds like the song.  Jody said if I can learn to play 10 songs then shell consider it worth it to buy me a better guitar and since I’m a geek gear is always a good incentive for me.  I wanted to learn a Christmas song before our trip but I don’t think I can do that as most of the Christmas songs require a little (a lot to be honest) more skill than what I currently possess but I will have one learned before next Christmas.  Just strumming the thing though relaxes me and causes me just to chill so for that I consider every ounce of effort I put into the instrument well worth the effort. I can’t say enough good things about this site.  I have been using a pair of instructors to help me learn the basics and so far these to above all the others for the style of music that I want to play most has been a very large help for me.  Electric Guitar from my understanding is a little easier to play due to the fact that the play action (how far and how hard you have to push the strings down) is a lot less than that of a steel string acoustic guitar.  But still for someone that has never played any sort of musical instrument ( 6 weeks of band in 8th grade doesn’t count) before its quite the challenge.  I spend a lot of time listening to music that I one day would like to play.  Currently I am learning one of those songs AC/DC’s Hells Bells.  But I m learning cord progressions so that one day I can sit down with my guitar and just jam away and it sounds like something pretty cool and not just note fret note check my fingering strum that sort of thing.  Jody has told me more than once it’s not going to come over night and I understand that but I’m attempting to put in a bit of time every night.  On some nights I’m more successful than others but still I try.


I at one time a few weeks ago was thinking it would be cool to go see Metallica in concert down in LA but after doing the research into it I found out that the tickets for their shows is got for around 100 dollars apiece. I  can’t afford that much for a concert that I will have to drive to get a hotel room for and drive back not to mention the price of a pair of tickets.  I was really hoping the cost would be around what I paid to go see Disturbed(Best concert I have ever been to other than Garth Brooks) a few years back or even God Smack(God that concert sucked) last year.  But 100 bucks common guys.



Well for once Im going to talk about something other than video games here in this blog.  Over the course of the time Ive been playing games like RockBand I have started to have the desire to learn to play the guitar.  Well this last week I have decieded to move that from the list of things that I want to do to the list of things I am going to do.  Today my loving wife bought me a Fender Squire Stratocaster, Crate Amp and the varous other things that was needed like: Guitar strap, intrament cable, picks and a guitar tuner.  We got a pretty good deal as we went to a local music store call Jensens Guitar and Music CO.  Honestly it wasnt really all that bad as I got a good guitar and they gave us a discount on the rest.  Im very happy accually off and on all day I have been struming it and reading about how to play.  Mostly this has made me realise how big of a challange that I have thrown infront of myself.  Im very happy for this challange though as its something other than video games and hopefully in the future I can teach my own kids how to rock.

We signed up for witch is great just not for me.  See I went to the first lesson witch say: Rock Lead then under it Intermediate or Advanced.  Well damn theres a problem I look at all the lessons and they are basicly the same thing nothing for beginners.  SO I say to myself what they hell and go on and give one of them a try.  Well needless to say I fail horribly to understand what the guy is talking about as hes assuming you have a certine level of understanding of what hes talking about.  Witch I do not so I go off onto the internet to find something to accually play on this thing that I know nothing about.  After about a 10 minute seach I come up with Marry had a little lamb.  Easy song that even I can play as its played on one string,  Now granted I had to go off and find somthing to teach me to read guitar tab but hey I can honnestly say that I know how to play Marry had a Little Lamb on my Fender Squire Stratocaster.  No its long way from Enter Standman but Im sure even then hardest of the hardcore rockers had to start out small.  Even the Great Jimmi Hendrix had to start out with baby steps.  But anyway Im proud of that very small accompishment.  Currently we are waiting for a refund from so I can subcribe to  Its not as cool as’s iperform 3d but at least they have complete and total noob lessons.  Witch is what Im currently after.

I attempted to call the guy that offered us free beginer lessons at work but he’s currently out of town on vacation.  So Ill contact him at a latter date and see if I can set up a time to get lessons from him.  If that doesnt work out I can always go though Jensen Music Co as they offer lessons at 20 dollar per half hour.  A half hour lesson a week and I could be rocking in no time flat.

Me Shortly after getting my new used guitar

Well I have been practicing a lot in rock band here this last week and I think it has paid of rather well.  My scores have been rising and I’m getting a little farther along on some of the songs that have really been giving me problems here as of late.  But Im still stuck on Suffragette City (expert) and Flirting with Disaster (hard).  I have completed Green Grasses and High Tides on hard though so really the only song I need to finish the hard tour is Flirting with Disaster and I’m really starting to get irritated with that song.

Well Since I started to write this I passed Suffragette City but now Im stuck on Ballroom Blitz.  Witch I hate even more than Suffragette City.,  Mostly because the start of the song is gay and there is a lot of unneeded double notes in it.  But Ill eventfully zerg my way though that song like I did Suffragette City.

Anyway there has been some exciteing stuff happen in our personal lives but I cant really talk about it here.  IF you want to know more In sure youve allready read Jody’s blog.  Other than that I have nothing else really to say.  Im still enjoying Rock Band and Im still playing COD4.  I have also picked up a a copy of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2.  Vegas 2 is pretty fun.  Im stuck in it right now as well. Gamefly is sending me a copy of Lost Odsey and Ninja Gaiden 2.

Well I was going to write a blog about having to put Sarah down.  But honestly I dont really feel like dewling on painfull things at the moment so instead Ill blog about something far funner.  Rocking out.  Saturday I went to Chucks house to play Rock Band with him and his girl friend.  I have to say it was a good time.  Clair (Chucks girlfriend) made bean dip and papato bites both of witch was quite good.  I had alot of fun just chilling and sitting around hanging out with like minded people and rocking out.

 Jody and I are playing rock band world tour we are doing good but right now ewe cannot get any more fans untill we start playing on a harder diffucality so I have been practicing playing the guitar on hard.  Trust me this is no easy feat.  While some songs  I can bust out like there is no tomorrow there are a few that I dread (Nine Inch Nails: The Hand that Feeds).  Im most of the way though the solo tour on hard for the guitar having finished it on medium.  Ive also finished the drum tour on easy and Im 4 songs away from finishing it on medium.  Truly I really like this game.  I have a lot of fun playing it and its helped me open up socially witch I think s a good thing.

Since the last time updating this blog I have played though GTA 4.  While an ok game it was’t to special to me.  Yeah its GTA but really I’m not sure what the big deal was.  The game play was just like any other GTA game the the graphics was GTA 3 with better lighting.  The only real thing that impressed me was the lack of loading screens or pauses in game play.  Im also playing though Rachet and Clank Future tools of Destruction on the PS3.

Ok I guess I will talk about Sarah now.  I feel bad about having to put her down.  But if you’ve read Jody’s blog then you know about 2 weeks ago she was let out and bit some girl.  Well late last week she also bit a guy coming to give her a good home.  This got us to thinking that there is something mentally wrong with her and while the decision hurt like hell we decided it was in her best interest to put her down.  Our vet happened to agree with us and they typically don’t like to put down healthy animals but they made an exception in this case since she had taken up biting.  I would have kept her if it was just Jody and myself but I was worried about what she would do to the kids and I would hate myself if anything happened to them that I could have avoided.  So putting her down was for the best.  Jody told me it was very peaceful and respectfully done.  Im in some ways happy that my last memory of Sarah is her happily going out the door on a leash.  While it may have been a little stupid giving where she was going and for the purpose my final memory is of her being happy and in the end thats all that matters to me.

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