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That has to be the most cleaver title for a  blog post that I have ever came up with.


Jody has been telling me to get into competive gaming for a while now and I have decieded to go for it here as of late.  So far I have enlisted the help of Rob a friend of mine that I use to play WoW with and have played other games with over xbox live.  I asked Rob for the  simple fact he has a team mind set and works well with me.   Some times we get a little cross and the smack talk between us gets colorfull but hey we are friends and  I honestly enjoy playing with the guy win or lose.  I would have asked Matt to join us but hes leaving for his assignment in Japan in a few weeks and wouldn’t be able to make the team practices.  So for now its just Rob and I.  For the time being I have just signed us up for doubles ladders though MLG/ for Army of Two and Call of Duty 4.  We was going to go with Gears of War but after looking over the stuff for Call of Duty the game just appealed to me and it looked like a lot of fun and if we can get 2 or 3 more then we would be golden for the 4 man tournenment for some cash,  The reason I would go with a 5 man team is pretty simple.  5 people would give us 4 to play and 1 standby j ust incase someone is sick and cant play that day or something else comes up.   But honestly with we are playing for cash then I would expect people to show up and give their all at the game.  Im not saying that anyone I would recruit wouldnt give their all Im just sitting here at work semi bored with nothing left that I really want to do other then rant on my blog.

So far Rob and I work well as a team in Army of Two we typically win more than we lose and if we lose its not really by huge ammounts and when we play better teams we do end up bettering ourselves in some fashion.  Now Will that team work trasfer well over to Call fo Duty4? Well honestly that remains to be seen,  I have every faith in Robs skills as a gamer its just that Call of Duty and Army of Two cannot be compaired to each other.  I spent alot of time yesterday playing Multiplayer COD4 and they are two completely seperate games and style of games.  Im sure Rob and I can learn the game and get to the point where we can do just as good in COD4 and AoT but its going to take ALOT of work to get there.  But the challenge to both Rob and myself should be more than worth any headaches that come of this endovore. 

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  • Roy just finished guitar practice for the evening starting to sound better but still sound like ass in my opinion.
    June 3rd via Facebook
  • Roy got my third video card back from evga new computer is rocking it hardcore now.
    May 27th via Facebook
  • Roy Got my new amp yesterday its a Line 6 Spider 4 15 watt it sounds awesome with my new guitar.
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  • Roy gaming on 3 24 inch monitors is awe inspiring awesome.
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  • Roy Good movie watching that makes me want to make scale mail. On our way back to base to get the girls.
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  • Roy Date night at the rave going to watch Thor in 3s.
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  • Roy been playing need for speed shift 2 on my PC found a driver to have my PS3 controller work on my PC so now I can drive with that. Im much smoother and faster around the tracks iwht the PS3 controller vs the keyboard.
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  • Roy had the cooling fan of one of my 580 GTX's go out today just waiting on EVGA to approve my RMA.
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