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richiconWell I have slacked majorly since the move to Florida on the up keep of this blog.  In my defense well really I have none.  But I will say the carpel tunnel in my right hand is slowly getting worse and now Im thinking its close to the time I seriously need to contemplate getting my surgery done.  There is very little that I can do with it that doesnt cause it to hurt other than read.  Playing games on both my computer and my xbox causes it to flair and most morning I wake up with a dull ache in my right hand where before it was a mild pain.  It sucks. and the fact is compounded by my wanting to do scertine things like play video games and resume learning guitar.  Guitar is almost out of the question with my right hand I picked it up a little today and noticed I cant feel the strings with my ring and pinky fingers.  Other than my problems with my hand my life is going well.

2010 is rolling appon us fasst and its freally hard to believe that I have been out of highschool for close to 10 years now.  Seesh next year Ill be 30.  The only fasination that number holds for me is the PT test at work will get a little bit easier as I wont have to do nearly as much.  I am starting to get myself back into shape again and will start running every day.  I was doing a mandatory Saturday PT but that had been canceled till after the holiday season as alot of people wasnt showing up due to leave ect.  I myself was always showing up due to I think I have a better understanding of what mandatory means than alot of my co workers.

On a friends recomendation from work I have picked up the Wheel of TIme series by Jobert Jordan.  So far I have made my way thouhg the first 3 books and Im now just over half way though the 4th.  I looks like Im going to have to hit up the base library for books 5 though 8 and finish with barrowed books for the rest.    I didn’t realize that the base library was free and Ill probably start barrowing books from there as I really enjoy reading.

I’m from this point forward going to make a better showing of up keeping this blog.

Well after almost 6+ months I have decided to go on and blow the dust back off of my blog.  The Air Force decided that I have spent to much time in California so they moved my wife 2 kids and myself out to Florida on the Space Coast.  So far Im really enjoying it but I do miss my firends that I had made out in Vandenberg.   The trip out went well we had no car problems and for the most part it was fairly uneventful except for a really bad thunder storm in Dallas Texas.  Most of out stuff made it out here ok.  I did have to buy a new desk though but I really like my new desk its a glass and metal affair that looks just awesome.  I do need to work a little harder at keeping it uncluttered.

I have once again picked my guitar back up again and currently I’m going full force int learning to play it.  I have discovered that it hels to have it close by so I can strum on it when ever with out having to go into Jody’s and mine bedroom to get it.  Expecally now that we live in what amounts to a two floor condo with the bedrooms occupying the second floor.  For my fathers day present Jody is getting me some books and a wall mount for my guitar so I can just hang it near my desk and take it down when I want to play it.  Im currently having a rough time with parts of nothing else matters.  But if I can get the first 15 bars of the song down well enough then I will have Jody take a video of that and I will post it here for people to watch and listen to.

So far the new assignment is pretty cool.  I like how laid back here it is after the constant go go go of my last assignment this is a pretty big change of pace for me and the almost 2 hour lunches is extremely nice.  The only bad part of being here is the humidity but I’m adjusting to that.  When I first started running here it felt like I couldnt breath as the air is so heavy here but Im getting use to it so its getting better.  Im planning possibly starting to run every day again pretty soon as I would like to lose more of my gut and bring my run time down some more even though on my last PT test I ran my best time ever of a 11:05 mile and half.

I need to get the oil changed in the cars.  Jodys I can take pretty much anywhere but mine since I run Royal Purple 5w30 its pretty hard just to take it into some place and have them doi it.

Well Im going to start posting more here now that I am settled once again and I don’t feel like my world is about to turn totally upside down.

richiconWell here we are another week another long post.  Yesterday was MLK day so I had that off.  For the most part the weekend was pretty good.  Jody and I went to COSCO on Saturday with the kids and we had In and Out Burger for lunch.  On Sunday evening I went out and played D&D with my friends.  Monday was a pain in the ass as the power in on base housing went out again, I’m planning on going today (Tuesday) and filing a complaint with the housing office.

This weekend we attempted to make beef jerky, but the dehydrator that we got from sears in Santa Maria sucked ass.  We had it plugged in maybe 10 hours on Sunday starting the first batch and the trays started to crack.  Jody took it back on Monday and we ordered a new one from Sears .com which should be here in 7 to 10 days.  So I had to freeze what was left of my meat which was two small sand witch bags full.  The little bit that I did get done though turned rather well and from the sounds of it Jody will probably be buying me a roast to turn into jerky probably every payday or so.  Which is fine for by me as I really enjoy myself some Beef Jerky.  I will say I was tempted to make some in the oven and almost bought the racks but since the meat can be frozen,  Well just forget about it as I know our girls will not be able to keep their little paws out of the cracked open oven door that is required to do it in the oven.

In WoW I hit 80 on Monday as planned so my dwarf is officially signed up to Raid with the guild once again.  I was actually supposed to raid last night but with the power going out for 9+ hours or so that kinda killed that idea.  I ended up dumping a ton of gold into some gear as mostly I had a crafted epic gun and a bunch of quest greens and a few blues thrown in.  I’m working on replacing the gear that is to subpar with some BOE blues to go raiding and run heroics with, that way my DPS won’t be as subpar as it could be.  I should get to raid tonight if there isn’t another massive power outage again.  I might be able to run a heroic when I get home but that is uncertain as we have commanders call today but that should be over by 4:30 this afternoon so I should be logged in and ready to go by 5ish that would give us about an hour to kill before we have to be ready for the raid which starts at 6:30 or so and goes until 10ish.  I still hoping that my wife starts to level her shaman so that this weekend or maybe later this week I can restart my Death Knight and play with her.  Basically my plan is to vendor my current DKS’s gear and send the money to my hunter.  Reroll the toon and play with my wife from 58 onward.   I know I currently have around 900gold on my DK and he really doesn’t need much so that would be all gravy for my hunter for a while and then on my hunter start to save up for epic flying skills for my DK and will probably need to save gold to help Jody get her epic flying skill.  At lunch today I plan on finishing up my gear loadout and maybe going and looking for the rare cat a little bit.  When I get home this afternoon Ill need to talk to Rob and see what we are raiding tonight and start the process of reading strats to learn what I need to for the boss fights that we will face tonight.

Before the power went out yesterday I dropped a stack for gold for gear and gems today I need to drop a little more for training and more gear so Ill be all set.  I really need a new pair of bracers as Im still using my old level 70 PvP gear bracers. 

Tuesday night I got to raid for the first time in almost a year.  I have to say Naxx is a lot of fun we cleared the spider wing and started on the abomination wing.  We did relatively well I think Globus gave us some problems be we did eventually down him.

Wednesday night we tried to get me into some heroics but that didn’t seem to want to happen so instead I ran around doing quests and bought more gear off of the auction house.

Thrusday night I ran heroic Violet Hold and Penicial.  Afterward I ran around doing some mining and more quests as I dropped my gold supply to very low levels and wanted to get it back up to around 1k gold again.  I have to say doing daily quests still makes the gathering of gold rather easy.

Friday Night I went and played D&D with friends once again.  Kraus my wizard is now level 3 and finally I was able to do some damage with him.  We went and killed some bandits and a vampire.  This of course after I learn that our rouge is my niece and the ranger is something close to me second cousin.  Damn elves we get around rather well it seems.

Saturday I mostly lounged around the house .  I was in a lot of pain has I pulled something in my right hip and was limping around anytime I got up to go get something.  It was one of those times I wish my kids understood the phrase “Go get Daddy a MT Dew.” 

Saturday I respeced my hunter to a Survivalist more or less to keep me from wasting tons of time looking for that cat.  Did I mention I have droped a ton of gold of gear gems and enchants the last few days?  Yeh I had to regem a lot of my gear of the spec but I really like what my hunter does now in terms of damage.  If the fight is a strait up tank and spank raid buffed Im putting out over 2000+ DPS.  So Im very happy there.  Last night I also had to buy the mats in order to get my frost resistance gear made.  Plus I had to buy some gems for them and one more gem to replace my 32 ap gem with a 16 agi gem.  My build values agi over anything else as I have a talent that give me 15% more agi.  So yeah Im stacking agi as much as I can.  In a lot of ways it reminds me of when I very first started to raid with my hunter back in the days of molten core.  Back then I stacked agi like crazy as well got my agi all the way up to 800 or so raid buffed.  Now raid buffed Im over 1400 maybe closer to 1600 with about 30% crit rate.  The other thing I have learned is that hit is very important thing to have.  So now Im sporting 9.01% to hit after you put in my gear and talents.  Over all I feel I did really well in the raid last week bringing my DPS up to the point of putting me at 4th on the DPS chart behind a mage and 3 death knights.  Jody didn’t play much at all this weekend so my death knight is mostly on hold at the moment.  Im going to go on and do the starter area really soon to at least get the knight going and be waiting for when she finally hits 58 and we can go into outland together and  level her shamy and my DK.

Well I had this big long email that spanned probably many pages that more or less covered the week and all my thoughts then some douche bag rebooted my machine while I was away and lost it all. So before warned that this blog post may come off a sounding a little angry and annoyed also it will cover some of the things going on in my life this week as well as wow stuff.

Monday my ID died. I couldn’t to a whole hell of a lot as I turned the issue of me not being able to log back into my computer over to our network geeks and they took most of the day in getting back to me with a fix action. Witch by noon I figured out for myself and went down to the MPF and got a new ID made. It was nice as they was wanting me to wait until the 5th or some such nonsense instead since they wasn’t busy I was able to get in just after lunch on Monday. So now I have an ID Card that will last me another year as it seems that’s about how long it takes me to wear one out. Then later that afternoon I was heading home to change for PT pulled up to my house and push the button for my Garage door to open well the door didn’t go up and I turned around and went back to the office to inform my supervisor who thankfully was still playing ping pong with his supervisor out in the high bay. But that ended up being a god send as I really didn’t want to go to PT that day and there was a contractor here that needed some help so I was able to give him a hand instead of going to PT. After work I didn’t get to play any wow as instead I went and played Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. I like getting to play D&D as it allows me to get out of the house and go be social.

In D&D I now have a level 2 elf wizard who just got a pretty sweet staff as it gives +1 to all cold spells and I was able to take a feat that gives me an additional +1 to cold and acid spells. Since those are my two main damage types that’s extremely nice to have. Also it gives me a +1 to my to hit rolls which makes it just that much easier for me to hit with my spells.

Tuesday unlike Monday’s sitting around boredom fest I was busy all day running answers to questions I had about projects and what not down. For the most part Tuesday was a pretty good day I was busy and time just seemed to fly by and I was able to do a lot of stuff.

Tuesday evening I was able to start once again heading for 80 on my dwarf hunter. Currently as of this writing I’m sitting at 77 most of the way to 78, my plan is to hit 78 tonight hopefully 79 tomorrow and 80 by the end of my 3 day weekend. (Thanks MLK) My hunter is coming along nicely enough. I did tame the ghost cat that spawns from the figurines in Auberdine and I dig the changes for hunter pets leveling. Now I no longer have to level the cat form the low teens to my level they auto level the cat to 5 levels under you. But I am currently having massive agro issues as its pretty easy for me to pull agro off of my pet since none of my pets are the same level as I am.

Well shit since I have to rewrite this from memory I’m not really sure what happened on Wednesday. But I think that’s the day that I up and decided that I was done with being pissed off at work. Mostly I have come to the conclusion of the fact I hate my job. It’s not really what I do it’s the people I do it for. My job satisifctaction is at an all time low right now mostly because this is the second time this year that I have taken a block of time off and come back to find no one has helped me out and done anything for me, but for the most part I’m chalking that up to the fact that some of the people in this unit are just lazy and the others are too busy.

Before I continue into what went on yesterday (Thursday) I will say I have smartened up and started to write this in word instead of an email least this way when I add to it I can hit save pull my ID card out of the computer and walk away.

Thursday not a whole lot did happen mostly it was a slower repeat of Tuesday for me. I did hit level 78 on my dwarf and I think I’m on track for being level 80 on Monday. I should hit 79 tomorrow. Sunday I go play D&D at 4pm so but I should have enough time to get most of the way to 80 and then on Monday hit 80. I might actually get to raid on Monday but I’m not counting on it. For the most part my Hunters gear is crap. I’m still using shoulders that I started leveling with as well as the gloves, and the rest of my gear is quest blues and greens. More than likely though it will be late afternoon Monday when I hit 80. We’ll see how it goes though so far I’m questing in Icecrown and the mobs there are harder than I’m use to.

Well here I sit in Canada enjoying the warmth of Jodys Grandmas house.  Mostly because its freaking cold outside.  The past few weeks Ive been thinking about returning to WoW.   Now I know Ive said I wouldnt play that game no more but for the most part I kind of miss it.  The game did have alot of good things going for it and with the new expansion from what I can tell there are even more good things going for the game now.  I cant paly it though untill we get back to the states and Jodys Grandma connection is just barely enough to support websurfing and not much else.  My Xbox while connected ot the network drops every 5 or so seconds and it just is barely palyable on live.  Most of the time Im lagging so bad that it isnt fun.  I can only barely talk to firnes and thats if there isnt alot of heavy network traffic.  I guess I should count myself lucky thoug has we are connected and can contact the outside world. 

Christmas was ok.  Jodys family went over board on geting the girls stuff and now we are going to have to ship stuff for them home as we probally wont have room for it in our luggage.  Anyway Im just happy to be off work and away from the base for the most part.  While I miss my family its good to be away.

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