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Well I had this big long email that spanned probably many pages that more or less covered the week and all my thoughts then some douche bag rebooted my machine while I was away and lost it all. So before warned that this blog post may come off a sounding a little angry and annoyed also it will cover some of the things going on in my life this week as well as wow stuff.

Monday my ID died. I couldn’t to a whole hell of a lot as I turned the issue of me not being able to log back into my computer over to our network geeks and they took most of the day in getting back to me with a fix action. Witch by noon I figured out for myself and went down to the MPF and got a new ID made. It was nice as they was wanting me to wait until the 5th or some such nonsense instead since they wasn’t busy I was able to get in just after lunch on Monday. So now I have an ID Card that will last me another year as it seems that’s about how long it takes me to wear one out. Then later that afternoon I was heading home to change for PT pulled up to my house and push the button for my Garage door to open well the door didn’t go up and I turned around and went back to the office to inform my supervisor who thankfully was still playing ping pong with his supervisor out in the high bay. But that ended up being a god send as I really didn’t want to go to PT that day and there was a contractor here that needed some help so I was able to give him a hand instead of going to PT. After work I didn’t get to play any wow as instead I went and played Dungeons and Dragons with some friends. I like getting to play D&D as it allows me to get out of the house and go be social.

In D&D I now have a level 2 elf wizard who just got a pretty sweet staff as it gives +1 to all cold spells and I was able to take a feat that gives me an additional +1 to cold and acid spells. Since those are my two main damage types that’s extremely nice to have. Also it gives me a +1 to my to hit rolls which makes it just that much easier for me to hit with my spells.

Tuesday unlike Monday’s sitting around boredom fest I was busy all day running answers to questions I had about projects and what not down. For the most part Tuesday was a pretty good day I was busy and time just seemed to fly by and I was able to do a lot of stuff.

Tuesday evening I was able to start once again heading for 80 on my dwarf hunter. Currently as of this writing I’m sitting at 77 most of the way to 78, my plan is to hit 78 tonight hopefully 79 tomorrow and 80 by the end of my 3 day weekend. (Thanks MLK) My hunter is coming along nicely enough. I did tame the ghost cat that spawns from the figurines in Auberdine and I dig the changes for hunter pets leveling. Now I no longer have to level the cat form the low teens to my level they auto level the cat to 5 levels under you. But I am currently having massive agro issues as its pretty easy for me to pull agro off of my pet since none of my pets are the same level as I am.

Well shit since I have to rewrite this from memory I’m not really sure what happened on Wednesday. But I think that’s the day that I up and decided that I was done with being pissed off at work. Mostly I have come to the conclusion of the fact I hate my job. It’s not really what I do it’s the people I do it for. My job satisifctaction is at an all time low right now mostly because this is the second time this year that I have taken a block of time off and come back to find no one has helped me out and done anything for me, but for the most part I’m chalking that up to the fact that some of the people in this unit are just lazy and the others are too busy.

Before I continue into what went on yesterday (Thursday) I will say I have smartened up and started to write this in word instead of an email least this way when I add to it I can hit save pull my ID card out of the computer and walk away.

Thursday not a whole lot did happen mostly it was a slower repeat of Tuesday for me. I did hit level 78 on my dwarf and I think I’m on track for being level 80 on Monday. I should hit 79 tomorrow. Sunday I go play D&D at 4pm so but I should have enough time to get most of the way to 80 and then on Monday hit 80. I might actually get to raid on Monday but I’m not counting on it. For the most part my Hunters gear is crap. I’m still using shoulders that I started leveling with as well as the gloves, and the rest of my gear is quest blues and greens. More than likely though it will be late afternoon Monday when I hit 80. We’ll see how it goes though so far I’m questing in Icecrown and the mobs there are harder than I’m use to.

Well its official I lost the staff stripe because I have integrity.  I’m not going to go into it its water under the bridge Ill retest in May and make it next year end of story not going to go any farther into it.


 Jody picked me up the AC/DC Track pack from Wal-Mart on Tuesday night.  I really enjoy AC/DC’s music and there are a lot of fun tracks in that track pack that I really enjoy playing.  But there are a few where I enjoy the song but can’t play it due to the hammer on and pull off wankery that was added to the song due to the songs being live versions of the songs. (Highway to Hell for example)  I still really enjoy playing Rock Band though and I plan on bringing it with me to Canada when we go.  Just not sure if I’m going to bring the mic and drums or not so right now it just might be me on my guitar (controller) rocking out into my headphones.  I finally got over 1 million fans in the game and I’m very proud of that accomplishment.  Yes I consider it an accomplishment since when you hit 970k or so fans you then have to 4 or 5 star every song you play to get more fans.  I’m considering starting another band and playing though the tour all over again as I know my shredding skills are getting better.


Speaking of guitar and shredding.  Currently I’m learning cords on my real guitar.  So far I have my E major A major and working on the G Major.  A friend of mine from work has recommended that I do that pattern as it will sound good together and it will help me learn to just make the shape and go without looking at my hand, and the more I change chords the quicker I will learn play them.  I’m bound and determined to learn to play my guitar.  I may not be able to play it very well but I’m wanting to learn to play the thing well enough that when I play a song like Hells Bells or Enter Sandman that it sounds like the song.  Jody said if I can learn to play 10 songs then shell consider it worth it to buy me a better guitar and since I’m a geek gear is always a good incentive for me.  I wanted to learn a Christmas song before our trip but I don’t think I can do that as most of the Christmas songs require a little (a lot to be honest) more skill than what I currently possess but I will have one learned before next Christmas.  Just strumming the thing though relaxes me and causes me just to chill so for that I consider every ounce of effort I put into the instrument well worth the effort. I can’t say enough good things about this site.  I have been using a pair of instructors to help me learn the basics and so far these to above all the others for the style of music that I want to play most has been a very large help for me.  Electric Guitar from my understanding is a little easier to play due to the fact that the play action (how far and how hard you have to push the strings down) is a lot less than that of a steel string acoustic guitar.  But still for someone that has never played any sort of musical instrument ( 6 weeks of band in 8th grade doesn’t count) before its quite the challenge.  I spend a lot of time listening to music that I one day would like to play.  Currently I am learning one of those songs AC/DC’s Hells Bells.  But I m learning cord progressions so that one day I can sit down with my guitar and just jam away and it sounds like something pretty cool and not just note fret note check my fingering strum that sort of thing.  Jody has told me more than once it’s not going to come over night and I understand that but I’m attempting to put in a bit of time every night.  On some nights I’m more successful than others but still I try.


I at one time a few weeks ago was thinking it would be cool to go see Metallica in concert down in LA but after doing the research into it I found out that the tickets for their shows is got for around 100 dollars apiece. I  can’t afford that much for a concert that I will have to drive to get a hotel room for and drive back not to mention the price of a pair of tickets.  I was really hoping the cost would be around what I paid to go see Disturbed(Best concert I have ever been to other than Garth Brooks) a few years back or even God Smack(God that concert sucked) last year.  But 100 bucks common guys.




This year with my portion of the income tax return I went on and bought a new processor power supply and hard drive for my system.   I really like the processor as its quite the power house of a chip. So far I had WoW running a virus scan and formatting my new HDD and it just laughed at it.  I did a lot of research before deciding on this chip as I could have just as easily bought a new processor that was faster tha my old one.  As it stands this chip is 2.4ghz just like my old one but it is basicly 2 of them glued togther.  As such its very power hungery.  Hense the reason for the new power supply.  I was using a 550 watt power supply to run this monster of a rig before now I needed 650 watt power suppy to run it.  Heaven for bid if I ever go on and upgrade to a new mother board and and a second 8800 GTX in this thing as Ill need close to a 1000 watt power supply.

Putting the processor in the machine was pretty labor intensive as I had to remove pretty much everything from the case.  The only negitive thing that I have to say about this upgrade is that it runs extreemly hot.  But from my research thats to be expected from it.  I may later in time go on and upgrade the heatsink to one that will better coap with the heat generation of this thing.  As for the power supply  I cant really say anything about it.  It powers up the system and keeps the thing running as it does what its sopose to.  The hard drive as well Ive copied my games over to it and it holds them quite well with alot of space left over.  Again its working as it was intended.

Now I did have two ass pains with this upgrade.  The first came a few days ago when I was searching the asus website and relised that I needed to upgrade my bios in order for the computer to use the new processor.  Trust me I hate doing bios upgrades as if one thing goes wrong I have to buy a new mother board and since Im running windows vista 64 none of the “windows” tools for upgradeing bios would work.  So I had to look into how to do it.  It turns out you can make a thumb drive bootable and load DOS on the thumb drive and upgrade your bios that way.  The other was installing the heatsink.  I had this same problem when I installed my core 2 duo e6600.  I hate the push pin design why not just use screws and a back plate?

Anyway this upgrade was as follows:

Q6600 G0 Quadcore processor

Corsair 650 Watt Power Supply

320 GB Western Digital Hard Drive.

Thanks Jody for letting me get it.  I love you.

Well I’m not sure how it happened but my computer got a virus yesterday / day before. This is one nasty little bastard as well. It’s corrupted the machine not just in normal mode but in safe mode as well. To make it worse norton isn’t finding it and I think it might be turning my machine into a zombie so I’ve turned my computer off for the time being.

To make matter worse I cant reformat this machine using XP as the copy of XP I have as is an old copy from when XP first came out. Since it’s that old it doesn’t natively support SATA drivers out of the box and since the computer was built with out a floppy drive I’m more or less screwed.

Or at least I am until my copy of Windows Vista Ultimate 64 arrives. Honestly I can’t say enough good things bout buying stuff especially computer stuff from Newegg. Newegg is always cheaper than buying from a local retail. Now granted buying it locally would have given me both the 64 bit and 32 bit version of the software, but for $400 bucks. Now my 64 bit version of Vista is only costing me $174 + Tax and shipping so $193 and some change. Thats almost half of what it costs for us to go down to the BX and pick it up. Since the software was given to UPS this morning at 9:24 am and UPS doesn’t observe Veteran’s Day and it’s only shipping from City of Industry CA which is right down the street I should have it tomorrow or Tuesday. I’m personally hoping for tomorrow.

I’ve already gone though my hardware and found all the 64 bit drivers that I need for my video card, motherboard and wireless network card. It was a little dicey there for a bit as my wireless card could have been the one that wasn’t 64 bit vista compatible. I lucked out and there was drivers for it. I ended up pulling it out of the machine to make sure though.

Now the reason I went with the 64 bit is mainly security and the way it handles RAM. For more information just search Google there is a ton of information out there on this and it took me quite a few days to decipher it all.

So after doing a bit more research on the virus I come to find out last night its not really a virus at all.  Its a trojin and not like the condom either this is a nasty pain in the ass trojin.  What its allowing to happen is its allowing the author of the thing to take controll of my computer and use it as a proxy server for all sorts of nasty and illegal things.  Only reason I found this out was I doing research if my computer would handle vista 64 witch I already figured that it would but I ran across a post on Newegg that the guy had issues installing vista 64 with the motherboard I have.  Well Microsoft says ASUS has the drivers certified just not with the vista basic 64 OS only with the higher version IE Ultimate.  I knew there was a reason other than the security features that I needed the Ultimate edition of the OS.

Anyway I should have Vista tomarr the 13th and have it installed and up and running shortly after I get it in.  Ill have to report back on how it goes.

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