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Well if you caught the post that I had up on Saturday you know that I had a Xbox 360 die.  Now Ill explain… On Friday night I was fighting a match with my COD4 Clan in witch I was hosting and every so often my xbox would make a thunking sound.  I didnt think much of it as its made strange sounds before theyve worked themselves out and its operated fine for over a year.  Well the thunking sound was my optical drive slowly dieing and gauging the hell out of my COD4 dvd.

I tried everything I could to make that xbox work again.  Even opened it up and took a look at the drive used alot of turtorilse online to open it up and trouble shoot.  My guess is it was something work with both the mechanics and the PCB board of the drive.  Jody called down to Walmart in Lompoc and they had one but I didnt go get it as it was 9:30pm and I had just finished my first drink of the evening.  I personally didnt feel it was worth my Airforce carreer to go get another xbox and decieded to wait until Saturday.  I did the research on if micosoft would fix it for me witch htey would have after I paied them since the xbox was out of warenty.  But that would put me out of commision and I was looking forward to playing COD4 with my Clan on Saturday night and playing Rockband with Jody.

So I called Gamestop in Santa Maria after they opened on Saturday told them what was worng with my Xbox and asked if I could trade it in for a new one.  Witch they allowed me to do.  Now this seems like a win for me right?  Wel in some was it was in others it seems like the biggest scam in the world to me.  Gamestop gave me 110 dollars for my broken Xbox.  You would think score right? Wrong they then turned right around and charged me the refurbishment fee.  Now I have to say WTF (what the fuck) mate.  This is like me saling some fool off the street a used car them him charging me to fix it knowning it broken.  This has to be the biggest scam ever as they will replace the DVD drive in my xbox then turn around and resale it for 199 to 219.  Even at the low end that a 139 dollar profit.  Yes it would have cut into their profits to pay the fee themselve but shouldn’t they since they are the ones who agreed to buy it?

But anyway So I got a new xbox brought it home put in my COD4 dvd and started praticeing / making sure everything worked.  Thats when I relised I couldnt hear UAV’s Airstrikes and Helichopter support.  The last one was eiere as I wouldnt hear anything untill it fired.  Then the next map that came up it wouldnt load.  (I found out later that it would load over half the maps) I took the disk out and looked at it sure enough it was it had about a 1/2 inch wide circular scrach in it that was probally about 1 quater of the disks thickness deep.  Since it was now 5:45 I went on and tested to make sure the maps needed for last nights match would work as I wouldnt be able to go any where and back again before Jody had to go out with a friend of a girls night out thing and when she got back I sprung the news on her that it had to be replaced as well.

SO here is the death toll

1 Xbox 360 with AV cable power brick and controller Game stop gave me 110.00 – 50 dollars refubishment fee.

1 Xbox 360 Arcade after credit from above 245.56 with Tax.

1 COD 4 Game of the Year editon baught new 59.99 plus tax that can now be used mostly as a coaster.

1 COD 4 DVD bought used at gamestop for 54.99 that they paid 25-29 dollars for.

A massive pain in the ass thanks to Microsoft………..could have lived with out.

One loving wife that let me spend over 300 dollars in 24 hours to replace my xbox 360 and the game I play competitively……Priceless.

Just goes to show how lucky I really am.=

Well I was going to write a blog about having to put Sarah down.  But honestly I dont really feel like dewling on painfull things at the moment so instead Ill blog about something far funner.  Rocking out.  Saturday I went to Chucks house to play Rock Band with him and his girl friend.  I have to say it was a good time.  Clair (Chucks girlfriend) made bean dip and papato bites both of witch was quite good.  I had alot of fun just chilling and sitting around hanging out with like minded people and rocking out.

 Jody and I are playing rock band world tour we are doing good but right now ewe cannot get any more fans untill we start playing on a harder diffucality so I have been practicing playing the guitar on hard.  Trust me this is no easy feat.  While some songs  I can bust out like there is no tomorrow there are a few that I dread (Nine Inch Nails: The Hand that Feeds).  Im most of the way though the solo tour on hard for the guitar having finished it on medium.  Ive also finished the drum tour on easy and Im 4 songs away from finishing it on medium.  Truly I really like this game.  I have a lot of fun playing it and its helped me open up socially witch I think s a good thing.

Since the last time updating this blog I have played though GTA 4.  While an ok game it was’t to special to me.  Yeah its GTA but really I’m not sure what the big deal was.  The game play was just like any other GTA game the the graphics was GTA 3 with better lighting.  The only real thing that impressed me was the lack of loading screens or pauses in game play.  Im also playing though Rachet and Clank Future tools of Destruction on the PS3.

Ok I guess I will talk about Sarah now.  I feel bad about having to put her down.  But if you’ve read Jody’s blog then you know about 2 weeks ago she was let out and bit some girl.  Well late last week she also bit a guy coming to give her a good home.  This got us to thinking that there is something mentally wrong with her and while the decision hurt like hell we decided it was in her best interest to put her down.  Our vet happened to agree with us and they typically don’t like to put down healthy animals but they made an exception in this case since she had taken up biting.  I would have kept her if it was just Jody and myself but I was worried about what she would do to the kids and I would hate myself if anything happened to them that I could have avoided.  So putting her down was for the best.  Jody told me it was very peaceful and respectfully done.  Im in some ways happy that my last memory of Sarah is her happily going out the door on a leash.  While it may have been a little stupid giving where she was going and for the purpose my final memory is of her being happy and in the end thats all that matters to me.

Rock Band has to be the most Wicked Fun a group of people can have while looking like complete and total dorks.  I originally wanted this game so I could play with Chuk and his girl friend and maybe get my wife involved and playing games with me again.  Needless to say I didn’t quite understand how much fun this game can be.  I originally figured it would be like guitar hero.  Man was I ever wrong.  While the guitar hero games are good they just don’t compare to Rock Band.  For starters in guitar hero its just you and maybe a buddy shreading on guitars and its about how awesome you can do the solos.  The solos in Guitar Hero 3 where pretty tough and I never did complete The Devil Went Down to Georga mostly because I got so frustrated with it that I sent the damn game back to gamefly.  Now in Rock Band its about just that the Band no one person can make a band.  You can have a drummer a singer a lead guitarist and a bass guitarist.  Thats what makes this game so fun playing with other people.  I got the game friday afternoon played a little bit before my clans COD4 matches.  That night Jody was drunk enough to attempt to sing and we started a band and went with it.  We played Friday night and last night (Saturday night)  Collecting stars and fans and having a good time.  She off handedly mentioned maybe getting the drums as all we had was my 360 headset my Guitar Hero 2 controller. Well I went to the BX this morning and looked they had the drums as well as one of the wireless controllers for Rock Band and then went about geting our morning drinks ect.  When Jody sent me out for lunch she also sent me after a guitar and drum kit for rock band.  I’ve spent a large protion of the afternoon playing the drums on easy and trust me they feel harder than the guitar on medium as your using both hands and one of your feet to play this thing.  But its the most wicked fun ever.

The Guitar I alot better than the Guitar Hero 2 controller. 1 its wireless witch is both a pro and a con as hermonix made it take 3 AA batteries and not be able to accecpt the rechargeable litium ion batteries for the 360 controllers. 2 its larger so its a little more comfortable to play it but also at the same time will take me some time to get use to playing.  Now your probally asking yourself why did I need a new guitar controller well the whammy bar of my other one is having erctile disfuctions.  Typically you can move the whammy bar to an angle you like and itll stay there mine no longer wanted to do that instead it likes looking at the floor.  So well be ebaying my guitar hero 2 controller probally for around 50 bucks itll be the controller and the game as I dont really play that any more.  Why should I when I basicly have Guitar Hero, Drum Hero and Karakoe Hero all in one?

As for the noise I was wailing on the drums for quite a bit while the girls was napping and didn’t seem to bother them at all.  They are a little nosey as your basicly taking actiual drum sticks and beating on what ammounts to pratice pads.  But some of these  just might be in order.


That has to be the most cleaver title for a  blog post that I have ever came up with.


Jody has been telling me to get into competive gaming for a while now and I have decieded to go for it here as of late.  So far I have enlisted the help of Rob a friend of mine that I use to play WoW with and have played other games with over xbox live.  I asked Rob for the  simple fact he has a team mind set and works well with me.   Some times we get a little cross and the smack talk between us gets colorfull but hey we are friends and  I honestly enjoy playing with the guy win or lose.  I would have asked Matt to join us but hes leaving for his assignment in Japan in a few weeks and wouldn’t be able to make the team practices.  So for now its just Rob and I.  For the time being I have just signed us up for doubles ladders though MLG/ for Army of Two and Call of Duty 4.  We was going to go with Gears of War but after looking over the stuff for Call of Duty the game just appealed to me and it looked like a lot of fun and if we can get 2 or 3 more then we would be golden for the 4 man tournenment for some cash,  The reason I would go with a 5 man team is pretty simple.  5 people would give us 4 to play and 1 standby j ust incase someone is sick and cant play that day or something else comes up.   But honestly with we are playing for cash then I would expect people to show up and give their all at the game.  Im not saying that anyone I would recruit wouldnt give their all Im just sitting here at work semi bored with nothing left that I really want to do other then rant on my blog.

So far Rob and I work well as a team in Army of Two we typically win more than we lose and if we lose its not really by huge ammounts and when we play better teams we do end up bettering ourselves in some fashion.  Now Will that team work trasfer well over to Call fo Duty4? Well honestly that remains to be seen,  I have every faith in Robs skills as a gamer its just that Call of Duty and Army of Two cannot be compaired to each other.  I spent alot of time yesterday playing Multiplayer COD4 and they are two completely seperate games and style of games.  Im sure Rob and I can learn the game and get to the point where we can do just as good in COD4 and AoT but its going to take ALOT of work to get there.  But the challenge to both Rob and myself should be more than worth any headaches that come of this endovore. 

Well once again I have left WoW behind.  Mostly out of boredom,  My raid has to many hunters and that has caused me to only to be a ble to raid once a month.  Honestly that isnt enough for me so I left.  I know leaving the g ame seems a little drastic for that but honestly after geting my dragon mount I have had little to no want to play any more.  So oppon the recomendation of Rob I got Army of Two for my Xbox 360.

Now before I go into the game I want to talk a bit about xbox live.  When I first got my xbox 360 now about a year ago I had an xbox live gold account for about 3 months as thats what came with the system.  At the time you could download demos and play online with your friends you just couldnt host on a silver account witch is what my account went to after the 3 months.  That was fine for me since most of my  friends have gold accounts and are more than happy to host the games and all was good.  Up till Monday night when Army of Two came in the mail from Gamefly.  When Rob and I tried to play together a  screen came up and said must be on a xbox live gold account to play.  So I checked it out and found out that it is 8 bucks for a month or 50 bucks for a year.  Jody let me get a year so I good untill 25 March 2009.  Now it took a bit for the account change to accually make it to my system and after 5 minutes after Rob logged off to spend time with his wife it started working.  Now my only other thought on this is why does Microsoft charge for Xbox Live when Sony doesnt for the Playstation Network?  Odd I would think they would be priced the same aka free.

Now Army of Two is allot of fun.  Its allot like last years hit Gears of War but more focused toward Co Op than single person experience.  In the game you play as one of two guys Salem and Rios.  Currently I’m playing Salem and Rob is playing Rios.  The games story line is allot like a buddy movie with allot of gun play and funny dialog.  Matter of fact you can walk up to your partner and hit a button and either do a air guitar or slug em. Now one of the things that I love about this game is the sniping mechanics as its very accurate.  I found out last night that I was able to shoot the guys manning the turrets though the small maybe 6 inch viewing slot.  I must have killed about 50 people that way not to mention just blowing them away randomly with it.  The other things that I enjoy are that the game forces you to work as a team.  If you don’t work as a team you both will die.  Now something I think is cool is that the devs put in agro into a shoot game.  The way it works is that if you or your partner has a large enough gun or just fires enough you’ll have agro making your partner invisible able to sneak around and flank the enemy.

Over all I think it’s a fun game and look forward to finishing it.

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