I hope you guys enjoy this as this is my gift to all of you.

richiconWell I have slacked majorly since the move to Florida on the up keep of this blog.  In my defense well really I have none.  But I will say the carpel tunnel in my right hand is slowly getting worse and now Im thinking its close to the time I seriously need to contemplate getting my surgery done.  There is very little that I can do with it that doesnt cause it to hurt other than read.  Playing games on both my computer and my xbox causes it to flair and most morning I wake up with a dull ache in my right hand where before it was a mild pain.  It sucks. and the fact is compounded by my wanting to do scertine things like play video games and resume learning guitar.  Guitar is almost out of the question with my right hand I picked it up a little today and noticed I cant feel the strings with my ring and pinky fingers.  Other than my problems with my hand my life is going well.

2010 is rolling appon us fasst and its freally hard to believe that I have been out of highschool for close to 10 years now.  Seesh next year Ill be 30.  The only fasination that number holds for me is the PT test at work will get a little bit easier as I wont have to do nearly as much.  I am starting to get myself back into shape again and will start running every day.  I was doing a mandatory Saturday PT but that had been canceled till after the holiday season as alot of people wasnt showing up due to leave ect.  I myself was always showing up due to I think I have a better understanding of what mandatory means than alot of my co workers.

On a friends recomendation from work I have picked up the Wheel of TIme series by Jobert Jordan.  So far I have made my way thouhg the first 3 books and Im now just over half way though the 4th.  I looks like Im going to have to hit up the base library for books 5 though 8 and finish with barrowed books for the rest.    I didn’t realize that the base library was free and Ill probably start barrowing books from there as I really enjoy reading.

I’m from this point forward going to make a better showing of up keeping this blog.

P7146511Tuesday I did something pretty cool. I hung my guitar on the wall. This makes life a little easier for me in multiple ways. One I am no longer carrying a 35 to 40 pound instrument up and down the stairs of our house, Secondly I no longer have to go up stairs for my guitar when I want to practice. I hung it pretty much two feet away from my computer desk and its about 3 to 4 feet above my amp so it resides right with in my practice area for my guitar. The other benefit of this is the guitar is now up off the floor, as I was previously storing it in a gig bag under my bed and it no longer sit leaning against the printer / amp stand directly on the floor where the girls can take an interest in it.

The mount itself is fairly strait forward it consists of a back plate and a yoke for the head stock of the guitar to rest in. Mounting it to the wall was easy as well for I didn’t even need to find a stud for the kit came with wall anchors so all Ill need to do is patch the hole up with spackle for when we move out. I already need to spackle two holes up form my first attempt at hanging out TV so I need to go on and get some anyway.

Now the big reason I wanted a mount for my guitar is that it makes it far more accessible for when I want to practice with it. Instead of going to another room I just pick it up off of the wall. I love it and my guitar just looks plain awesome on the wall.

Well after almost 6+ months I have decided to go on and blow the dust back off of my blog.  The Air Force decided that I have spent to much time in California so they moved my wife 2 kids and myself out to Florida on the Space Coast.  So far Im really enjoying it but I do miss my firends that I had made out in Vandenberg.   The trip out went well we had no car problems and for the most part it was fairly uneventful except for a really bad thunder storm in Dallas Texas.  Most of out stuff made it out here ok.  I did have to buy a new desk though but I really like my new desk its a glass and metal affair that looks just awesome.  I do need to work a little harder at keeping it uncluttered.

I have once again picked my guitar back up again and currently I’m going full force int learning to play it.  I have discovered that it hels to have it close by so I can strum on it when ever with out having to go into Jody’s and mine bedroom to get it.  Expecally now that we live in what amounts to a two floor condo with the bedrooms occupying the second floor.  For my fathers day present Jody is getting me some books and a wall mount for my guitar so I can just hang it near my desk and take it down when I want to play it.  Im currently having a rough time with parts of nothing else matters.  But if I can get the first 15 bars of the song down well enough then I will have Jody take a video of that and I will post it here for people to watch and listen to.

So far the new assignment is pretty cool.  I like how laid back here it is after the constant go go go of my last assignment this is a pretty big change of pace for me and the almost 2 hour lunches is extremely nice.  The only bad part of being here is the humidity but I’m adjusting to that.  When I first started running here it felt like I couldnt breath as the air is so heavy here but Im getting use to it so its getting better.  Im planning possibly starting to run every day again pretty soon as I would like to lose more of my gut and bring my run time down some more even though on my last PT test I ran my best time ever of a 11:05 mile and half.

I need to get the oil changed in the cars.  Jodys I can take pretty much anywhere but mine since I run Royal Purple 5w30 its pretty hard just to take it into some place and have them doi it.

Well Im going to start posting more here now that I am settled once again and I don’t feel like my world is about to turn totally upside down.

Here is a song that I have been working on this weekend.  Its the first 5 or 6 bars of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.  So far the hammer ons and slides have me frustrated buy Jody says Im getting better so I figured what the hell Ill finally post something here.  I have even left the part Im not so good at yet and my goof up at the beginning as well.

Nothing Else Matters

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  • Roy just finished guitar practice for the evening starting to sound better but still sound like ass in my opinion.
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  • Roy got my third video card back from evga new computer is rocking it hardcore now.
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  • Roy had the cooling fan of one of my 580 GTX's go out today just waiting on EVGA to approve my RMA.
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