It was right about this time last year we got our first adoption match call for a baby boy due just before Christmas but then, after 2+ long weeks of painful waiting, the birth mom ultimately changed her mind. I know now that it all worked out in the end so that we’d end up with Michael as our son & I can’t even imagine a more perfect little boy to join our family but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having some painful flash backs to last year, the excitement, the suspense, the dread & the heart break as we grieved the loss of a little one we never even met. I pray that the birth mother’s choice was truly the best for her & her little boy. That she’s had an amazing year watching him grow & that he’s been & will continue to be surrounded with the love & care he so deserves.

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Our girls are now Kindergartners….

It’s hard to believe 5 years has gone by so fast! Fortunately, they’ve had the last couple years of preschool to help both us & them in preparing for this but I still find myself a little bit stunned when I think of them now being in Kindergarten.

School here in Florida started back on August 8th (my birthday) but the Kindergartner’s, at our school anyways, didn’t have to start until August 15th. After a pretty dull summer this year the girls were ready & rearing for this much anticipated milestone to finally begin.

I on the other hand could of waited a while longer & got off to a rough start sleeping right through my alarm (thank God for Michael as a back up!) & ended up getting them to school 15 minutes late on their very first day. Parental fail. I know…

So, as I was rushing everyone out of the house lugging Michael in his car seat with one hand & my camera in my other I called to the girls to “Hurry & stand by the van for a quick photo. Smile, HURRY, No don’t look like your having difficulty going potty just SMILE!”… yeah, so that’s how this turned out.

They’re on their third week now & seem to be loving it. This year the school also put them in the same class. I was a bit nervous at first about whether that was really such a good idea but it seems to be fine so far. Their little buddy Anthoney however, got assigned to a different teacher so his class is next door to theirs.  They still get to see each other for lunch & recess though so all is well.

Kindergartners don’t get a rest time like they did in PreK so fortunately, we had started transitioning the girls out of nap times around the beginning of July. We were finding that they weren’t sleeping well at night since they weren’t all that tired due to having a nap earlier in the day. They were waking up in the middle of the nights to play, raid the kitchen & cause general destruction out of boredom. So it became very apparent that it was time to say goodbye to the beloved nap times. I certainly miss them but have found with the lack of nap they require an earlier bed time. They tend to be exhausted by late afternoons & now with Kindergarten I notice they come home pretty wiped out from their day. They’re sleeping like rocks come bed time though!

Little man has also started sleeping through the night. Granted it’s not every night but he’s doing a lot better & I’m starting to feel slightly less scatterbrained from the sleep deprivation. Everyone’s making progress & things are definitely headed in the right direction all around.

Lets hope this is the start of going back to more regular blogging once again from yours truly. :)

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Well, it’s official…. I’m 30 years old today & truly just can’t believe it!

I’m not really upset about it but definitely not thrilled either. I don’t like that 30′s considered “middle aged” & feel like I’m now having to kiss young adulthood goodbye. I suppose it is what you make of it though.

The past 30 years have definitely been an adventure filled with many different peaks & valleys. I’ve certainly learned a whole lot & in a lot of ways come to realize I don’t really know much at all. Regrets? I have a few, but everything that’s filled the past 30 years of my life is what’s helped mold me into who I am today & today I can honestly say I’m one happy women.

I love my life, my husband, my children & my family & hope that in time I’ll also learn to love myself like I should too.

I know the future will not be filled with all sunshine & rainbows but I truely look forward to the adventure that my next 30 years will bring. I’m excited to watch my children grow (although not too quickly!) & although I know these next 30 years will include some painful losses they’ll also include some beautiful gains. Perhaps more children of our own? Perhaps some grandchildren down the road too!

One thing I know for certain is there’s no one I’d rather spend these next 30 years “growing old” with than my wonderful, loving & caring husband who without my life would not be the beautiful thing it is today.

So here’s to the next 30 years!

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