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What Led Us to Choose Adoption

Jody was raised by her grandmother which was her first experience with an adoptive type situation. Jody also remembers having the thought, for as long as she can remember, that she may one day adopt too.

Roy’s sister has a 6 year old son who she adopted from infancy. We remember the pure happiness and joy that filled each and every one of us when he joined our family and it was through this wonderfully positive experience that we realized, after discovering our own struggle with infertility, that this too was the path we wanted to pursue in creating our family. It was his sister’s positive experience that gave us the courage to move forward. We just knew that it was meant to be.

We always dreamed of a large family and the adoptions of our two daughters have been incredible blessings to us. We feel a deep appreciation for each of their personal stories that brought them too us and are very positive and open about their adoptions to them both. Jody often explains to the girls that they did not grow in her tummy but in her heart.

We feel the various ways that adoption has affected us personally has taught us that we have so much love to share and that it doesn’t matter at all to us whether children join our family through birth or adoption. We love them just the same.

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Our Children

We feel overjoyed to be blessed with the opportunity of raising our two wonderful daughter’s, Alanna and Brooklynn, who also joined our family through adoption back in 2007.

Alanna is a sweet and talkative, outgoing 4-year-old who enjoys dressing up as a princess every day. She typically has a happy-go-lucky attitude and is very caring. She’s always looking out for her slightly younger sister Brooklynn and even enjoys spoon feeding her on occasion too which Brooklynn gets a kick out of. One of Alanna’s favorite activities is coloring.

Brooklynn is also a very sweet and talkative 4-year-old who is just 5 months (to the day!) younger than Alanna. She can be quite a little clown and enjoys making people laugh but at the same time can be a little more shy and sensitive than Alanna is. Brooklynn enjoys being creative and likes to paint and do other types of crafts.

They are both typical little girls who are sweet, caring, gentle and loving. They’re extremely excited about the prospect of becoming big sisters and talk about the new baby all the time.

This child will be raised surrounded by much love and care as well as by the attentiveness of not only us but two eager big sisters who will be looking out for this child throughout life too also knowing first hand what it’s like to be adopted and a part of a multi-racial family.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

As a multiracial family already we are extremely understanding, accepting of and sensitive to different ethnicities and cultures around us. We love the fact that our family is created differently and feel that it’s part of what makes us unique and special.

We feel very fortunate to live in a culturally diverse community where there is a wide variety of ethnicities and cultural differences that surround us. We think this is especially great to have within the school systems so that our children feel comfortable exploring not only the differences about themselves but about those around them also.

A wonderful aspect of the military life is that it too is filled with a wide variety of ethnicities and cultural differences. It gives us as well as our children opportunity to learn about and experience new cultures all the time. Even a simple trip to the grocery store on base can be a positive learning experience in this.

We think it’s important for each of our children to know about and be proud of their own personal heritage but at the same time we don’t put excessive focus on our children’s ethnic differences because we don’t want them to feel singled out due to them. We Instead approach their differences with warmth and acceptance leaving things open for them to explore as they desire. We are always there to talk, listen and support them with any questions and needs they may have.

Our House and Neighborhood

Roy is an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force and we currently reside on the East Coast of Central Florida by the military base we’re stationed at, which is just a one hour drive from Disney and all the attractions filling Orlando. We are also just a quick 5 minute drive to local beaches and have a beautiful Zoo located in our area too.

We love to swim and have our own private pool that we thoroughly enjoy spending time in. We also have the pleasure of watching shuttle launches from the cape right from our own backyard.

Our street is a nice quiet well established tropical cul-de-sac that has a mixture of young families and elderly folks living on it. Despite the diversity it’s the type of neighborhood where we all wave to one another as we pass by and look out for each other.

We are walking distance to a local Grade-A elementary school (one of the best in the area) as well as a local park and canal where one can often see Manatee’s hanging out with their young.

We very much love our location and the community that surrounds us. As a military family we occasionally have to move but we find great joy in getting to see and experience new places, environments and cultures. Being tightly knit to the Military always gives us a sense of stability, support and home no matter where we go.

Our Extended Families

Family is extremely important to both of us but at this time we do not live close to either side of our extended families due to Roy’s work. We do however try to make trips each year to visit them and talk on the phone with them regularly to keep relationships strong. We even use Skype on occasion, which is a favorite activity for the kids since it gives them a visual of who they’re talking with, making a call that much more special and exciting for them.

Jody was born and raised in Canada and her extended family, which is very closely knit, still resides there. Roy was born and raised in Texas and has a large family that is spread out throughout the central USA. He is especially close with his mother and older sister and we try to get together with them once or twice a year as well.

We do an array of things when we get together with extended family from going to Sea World, Disney and Train Rides to more low key things like just enjoying a simple but delicious family dinner together. Some of the best times are spent just relaxing together at someone’s home.

Our families are very supportive of our adoption plans and we are not the first members of our family to pursue adoption. They all eagerly look forward to meeting the newest member and we look forward to bringing your child along on our family vacations and get togethers.

Letter to Birthparent(s)

Adoptive Family Roy & Jody

Thank you so much for taking the time to peak at our profile  and for considering us as the potential adoptive parents for your baby.

We won’t even pretend to imagine that we know the full range of emotions you’re feeling right now as you consider all of this but we do want you to rest assured that we care not just about the child you’re considering placing for adoption but for you as well. Without you this child would not be and your consideration of adoption is a courageous and admirable one that offers the most precious gift that could ever be given.

If we happen to be the family you choose to place your child with we hope that you will find comfort and peace in the fact that we will love them as if they were born to us and will raise them in a warm, loving, accepting, supportive and stable environment where they will always know their adoption story and be allowed to learn and stay connected to their heritage of birth.

Raising children and having a large family means the world to us. We love being parents and have always desired to have 3 or 4 children if we are to be so blessed.

Roy works outside of the home at the base we are currently stationed at since he is active duty with the US Air Force and has been for nearly 8 years. He is the primary bread winner of our family which allows for Jody to be a full time stay at home mom to our children. It has always been extremely important to Jody to be able to be the one there for our children, especially during the early years before they begin their school career, rather than having them spend their days in a day care environment.

Just as you want the very best for your child we too want the very best for the children entrusted to us to raise. We have strong moral values and want for each one of our children to grow up to be happy, healthy, confidant, educated, productive and responsible adults.

We are very family oriented and make regular trips each year to visit the various members of our extended families where we do many fun things together. We look forward to bringing this child along to share in these special trips where they will create many memories and be surrounded by yet more love and acceptance that a warm, caring and close knit family provides.

We would love to keep in touch via email and letters in order to share with you pictures and updates of how your little one is doing as they grow if this is something you are comfortable with and would desire.

Once again we thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We know that even the entirety of our profile only gives you a small glimpse of the life that our family has to offer but we hope it will be enough for you to see the depth of love and the sincerity we have in our hearts which we so look forward to sharing with your precious child. This child has already begun to fill our hearts since the day we decided to pursue adoption again and we so look forward to finally meeting and holding them in our arms.

Roy & Jody

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