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Well actually this is a post from me, but the pictures were sent to me by Roy earlier today in an effort to explain to me the interesting cans of MT Dew that he’s discovered at his duty station.

MT Dew in English

MT Dew in Arabic

The opening… Doesn’t work how you might think!

You have to peel it, not pop it

Yes, I am amused by the little things in life :)

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I apologize for the lack of blogging lately, but as most of you already know or may have gathered based on my mini updates (shown on the right side bar) I’m currently visiting family in Canada right now & have been pretty busy so have unfortunately not had much opportunity to blog. Although I did set up a few “Favorite Food Friday’s” to post automatically on set dates before I left on my trip.

Roy had some down time last week & I suggested he write a post about how things have been during his training so that we could post it here since this is in fact our “family” blog. Unfortunately, since I’ve been so busy, not only have I not had a chance to create my own blog updates but I’ve slacked about getting this post that he’s written posted too so it’s about a week late.

Although I’m obviously the primary poster on this blog I thought it would be neat to have some posts from him too every now & then, especially during the next several months, so that we all have some insight as to how he’s doing & what he’s experiencing.

Roy does have his own blog also but he has never been a regular poster so we thought having the odd update from him over here on the “Family” blog would make more sense then him continuing to maintain his own. So, without further ado, here is his first post here:


Well, Jody wanted me to write a post to talk about the training that I have so far gotten and enjoyed. I’m not going to talk about it all though as some of it was just boring power point briefings or just generally boring stuff.

The things I have really enjoyed so far has been the training that I have gotten over the last few days. I’ve been training to drive up-armored hummers.

Now, these things are about 12,000 pounds of rolling death. Mostly because the brakes on them suck and the handling of a vehicle of this size sucks too. The visibility out of them is worse than in my 350z. There are turns we have had to made where not only did myself, the tuck commander (the guy in the front passenger seat) but the two “window lickers” (rear seat guys) had to look out of the windows to ensure that there was no oncoming traffic or something in the blind spot. While they have mirrors they are basically useless.

Really my hummer training started on Friday night with HEAT (hummer egress assistance training) training. Now this was kinda cool and fun once you do it but really I don’t ever want to have to do it again. During HEAT training you put 5 guys in a simulator which is basically a hummer cab on a giant spindle, strap them in, put a bunch of foam equipment in it, give them some rubber M4′s and roll the thing over and over and over. Sounds like fun right? Well it is, unless you are the “gunner” (which I was).

See, the “gunner” doesn’t really have a seat. His seat hangs under the turret and has two quick release tabs that the “window lickers” have to pull when the thing starts to roll over. Then all the guys in the tuck have to hold onto the “gunner” as it rolls around since the “gunner” really doesn’t have a seat belt or a seat to hold him in. Trust me it wasn’t fun and the roll we did was supposedly at 15mph. We had to run though it twice too. Once for land and once for a water egress.

Here’s a video to give you a better visual.
It’s not of me or my group but is what the training was like.

Then on Saturday we had a boring class room class on the hummer and a written test after ward which sucked. Half of what they taught in the class wasn’t on the test and half the test wasn’t even taught!

Sunday I had off which I gave me opportunity to enjoy some long conversations with Jody. Monday we had a hands on familiarization class with the hummer in which we had to back the hummer around a turn and up a hill along with a few other things that ended in a road test.

Last night (Tuesday night) we did a quick class on Night Vision Goggles and then a quick drive with them on.

Really that’s all that has been going on here. Next week looks to be far busier than this week has turned out and I’m looking forward to it. Being busy helps make the time go by faster.

I miss my wife and kids and hope to get to see them soon.


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