I can’t believe it’s already been a year since Michael joined our family…..

I remember seeing this double rainbow in the sky as I ran around frantically, like a chicken with my head cut off, after receiving the phone call telling me about him, trying to get everything in order so I could fly to Philadelphia that night. After having a match fall through just a couple months prior the rainbow seemed like a sign of renewed hope & assurance that this was truly the baby boy meant to join our family.

As I sat at the airport late that night, waiting for my delayed flight, our agency texted me a photo of him & I fell instantaneously in love. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday & thinking to myself “Yep, this really is Michael. This is our long awaited for baby boy!”.

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After a 3+ year wait, since Roy & I decided that we were ready to pursue trying to add a son to our family, 2012 was THE YEAR!1st Month

It started off a bit rough with the heartbreak of a failed match but we held high hopes for the rest of the year. Just 3 short months into it Michael was born to one of the most amazing birth mothers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, who selflessly put this little one’s needs above her own, who picked OUR family to love, care for & raise this precious little miracle that’s changed our lives forever.

2-3 Months4-5 Months

2012 blessed us in more ways than I can possibly explain &, as with each of our children, I look forward to the coming years of watching them all grow into the spectacular individuals I know they will be.

6-7 Months8-9 Months

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It was right about this time last year we got our first adoption match call for a baby boy due just before Christmas but then, after 2+ long weeks of painful waiting, the birth mom ultimately changed her mind. I know now that it all worked out in the end so that we’d end up with Michael as our son & I can’t even imagine a more perfect little boy to join our family but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t having some painful flash backs to last year, the excitement, the suspense, the dread & the heart break as we grieved the loss of a little one we never even met. I pray that the birth mother’s choice was truly the best for her & her little boy. That she’s had an amazing year watching him grow & that he’s been & will continue to be surrounded with the love & care he so deserves.

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I love my husband & children more than words can possibly express. I feel so blessed to have 3 of the most amazing children entrusted to our care giving me the opportunity & privilege of being called “Mom“.

Happy Mothers Day weekend to all you Mama’s out there, biological, adoptive, or waiting to be. May we never take Motherhood for granted & may our children learn not to take ALL the things we do for them for granted either ;).

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