Well, it’s official…. I’m 30 years old today & truly just can’t believe it!

I’m not really upset about it but definitely not thrilled either. I don’t like that 30′s considered “middle aged” & feel like I’m now having to kiss young adulthood goodbye. I suppose it is what you make of it though.

The past 30 years have definitely been an adventure filled with many different peaks & valleys. I’ve certainly learned a whole lot & in a lot of ways come to realize I don’t really know much at all. Regrets? I have a few, but everything that’s filled the past 30 years of my life is what’s helped mold me into who I am today & today I can honestly say I’m one happy women.

I love my life, my husband, my children & my family & hope that in time I’ll also learn to love myself like I should too.

I know the future will not be filled with all sunshine & rainbows but I truely look forward to the adventure that my next 30 years will bring. I’m excited to watch my children grow (although not too quickly!) & although I know these next 30 years will include some painful losses they’ll also include some beautiful gains. Perhaps more children of our own? Perhaps some grandchildren down the road too!

One thing I know for certain is there’s no one I’d rather spend these next 30 years “growing old” with than my wonderful, loving & caring husband who without my life would not be the beautiful thing it is today.

So here’s to the next 30 years!

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