I realize the day’s almost over but this was too cute not to post for Cinco de Meyo.

I also apologize for the lack of interesting posts as of late. I’m not sure if I’m just getting old or what exactly but I haven’t been able to keep up the coherent thought patterns that I seem to of been able to back when the girls were newborns. This time around with Michael I’m a complete bit of a scatterbrain…. Thank goodness for my Google Calendar or I’d be dropping the ball on everything I’m sure!

I really am loving just about every moment with this sweet little man & really don’t mind the sleep deprivation one bit. It’s just everything else life expects of me that gets in the way.

“What, you want dinner again?!?! Didn’t you just have that last night?”

“My alarm already went off? What alarm? The girls need to be where?”

Poor girls have been late to school more times in the last few weeks than they have been in the past 2 years. I don’t know why, but I am frequently not even hearing my alarm go off despite changing it to the most obnoxious sound I could find (a rooster crowing) yet the little man so much as stirs & I’m very much aware of it & ready to run for a bottle at any given time, day or night.

Fortunately, he’s starting to finally become a bit more predictable & sleeping for slightly longer stretches so hopefully things will start to balance out in time for… summer break???… Yep, just 3 weeks left of school & then I get to have the full experience of having 3 kids home with me, all day, all summer long.

Interesting times are ahead, yes… interesting times.

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