Being able to see well is definitely NOT over rated. Apparently all this time poor Alanna has been struggling to see & we had absolutely NO idea. Parental fail? {{nods}}

Just before the holiday’s her teacher came to me & informed me that both her & another of the classroom teachers had noticed Alanna’s right eye seemed to be wandering. I’d never noticed it before but thanked her for telling me & then went about trying to arrange an eye exam for her.

The base said they couldn’t do pediatric exams & suggested an off base eye center to bring her to, but with all the baby mama drama we went through over Christmas & New Years, getting Alanna’s appointment scheduled got pushed to the back burner. Once things finally settled down again however, I gave the recommended eye center a call only to find they were scheduling a month out. I booked her into the earliest slot they had available, February 1st.

During the beginning of her appointment the technician was trying to have her identify pictures being projected onto an 8×10 mirror on the wall in front of her. Most of it, despite showing her various sizes, Alanna could not identify however. She just kept saying “I don’t know” & I informed the technician that she was a bit developmentally delayed & in an exceptional learning class at school. Still, the technician tried her best despite Alanna’s repeated “I don’t knows”.

A while later we were moved to another room where the actual eye doctor came in to check out the health of her eye & determine whether any sort of prescription was needed. She pulled the machine in front of Alanna’s face, made some adjustments & then asked Alanna to now look through the machine & identify the same series & various sizes of pictures being projected onto the mirror on the wall in front of her.

I almost fell out of my chair!

All in a sudden she was identifying everything with not a single problem. From a huge 8×10 size black & white silhouette of a cake & candle image to other tiny silhouette’s. It was unbelievable & I was completely blown away. The sudden difference a prescription made changed everything & made me question everything all at the same time. Is she really developmentally delayed or has she just not been able to see all this time?!?!

Apparently she’s seriously near sighted with a bit of astigmatism & we had no idea. She will need to wear glasses as I do full time from now on & to top it off the glasses may or may not correct the wandering right eye. The doctor said it’s not something a patch can fix either so she wants to see her back in about 4 weeks to re assess it & if the eye is still wandering she may require corrective surgery. I sure hope not!

What really gets me is that we had her eyes tested back in California shortly before we moved & the doctor at that time said she was a tiny bit far sighted but not anything that would require a prescription so we were sent on our way. Now just a brief 3 or so years later it’s the complete opposite & then some. So I have no idea whether the previous doctor just sucked or if it was just that difficult to really tell with an infant that couldn’t communicate what they could or couldn’t see. Hard to say….

Anyways, Alanna has been an excellent sport about getting her new glasses. She got to pick out a pretty pink pair of frames with flowers all up & down the arms & she was greatly disappointed when she found out she was going to have to wait over a week for them to make the glasses before she could wear them. She’s had them now for just about 2 weeks however & is so excited to put them back on in the morning’s & after her naps. She talks about how she get’s to be like mommy & poor Brooklynn is actually feeling a bit jelous that she doesn’t get to wear a pair. For now though I’ve been able to appease her by telling her that because she can already see so well she can wear sun glasses like daddy does while Alanna needs to wear glasses like mommy because we can’t see well without them.

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