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I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing a series of “Favorite Thing Thursday” posts similar to my “Favorite Food Fridays” ones.

The plan behind doing this is to share items we have around the house that we LOVE or perhaps even in some cases can’t imagine life without. I will also do my best to try & always include a link to Amazon (my favorite online marketplace) where, if you’re interested, you too can obtain said “thing”.

Today’s “Favorite Thing” are these super cool:

Orka Ice Pop Molds.

A friend of mine, Melissa from Little Raindrops, posted a cute image of one of her sons enjoying one of these nifty popsicles along with the link & I immediately wanted to try them. I just love the swirl pattern, the bright colors & the general funness of them.

As soon as they arrived I washed them & poured into each silicone mold some Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk that I had in the fridge & then popped them into the freezer.

The next day after the girls arrived home from school I peeled the silicone sleeve off the frozen pops (they come off impressively easy too I might add) & then handed each of the girls one to enjoy for a snack while I sampled one of my own.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Silk Very Vanilla Soy Milk that’s frozen because it seems like in the process of it freezing it dulled the “Vanillaness” of it but it was still a neat treat & the girls seemed to really enjoy theirs.

What I especially love about these Orka Pops is that they catch drips because we all know little kids have a tenancy of being slow & messy so rather then the treat dripping all down their arm & over themselves they drip into the lil cup of the handle.

The key product features as advertised are:

* Silicone ice pop molds with stand designed for easy transport
* Silicone tabs for easily removing treats from molds
* Cup-shaped base catches drips; freezer and dishwasher safe
* 6-3/10 inches by 4-9/10 inches by 4-4/5 inches
* 5-year warranty

These are definitely a new found favorite thing for me & if you follow one of the links above they will take you over to the Amazon page that sells them where  you can also read some of the other 60+ rave reviews on them.

I am not being compensated for blogging about this but I do receive a small commission if you decide to purchase something through one of my direct links attached here. Please rest assured though that I will only be blogging about things I personally love & trust, not random junk just so I can make a few cents.

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