Our life’s just full of excitement over here.

This is the latest predicted path for Hurricane Irene direct from the National Hurricane Center. It’s updated a few times a day & throughout the last 2 days has slowly predicted it moving further & further east of FL. The question is how far east it will be by the time it gets here?

We just so happen to live right on the very east coast of central Florida so the current predicted path, which has Hurricane Irene as a category 3 by the time it’s scheduled to get here, not boding too well for us.

We’ve been here 2 years so far & have been fortunate enough to dodge every storm thus far so I’m getting a little anxious keeping tabs on this one because we’re due and so far, other than a list of things we want to remember to take with us in the event of an evacuation, we’re not really prepared.

The house we’re renting is old. It definitely doesn’t have hurricane proof windows & I can only imagine what sort of effect a category 3 hurricane will have on this place if the storm does blow through too close to us. Fortunately, the base will be ordering us to evacuate, likely within the next few days, if the predicted path of this storm doesn’t continue to push it further east from us.

I fear what we’ll be coming home to if it comes to that though….

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