As many of our readers already know we’ve been away in Canada for close to 2 weeks visiting my side of the family.

We’ve actually been home about a week already but it’s taken a little while for me to get settled back in to our typical routine due to a combination of being frazzled from our trip & the travel, plus getting things together for the girls return to preschool & also in preparation for our adoptive homestudy meeting that was held this past Saturday.

Despite my nervousness I think everything with the homestudy went rather well & the worker who did it for us said she should have it written up by the end of this week. She then has to forward it to her supervisor & it’ll go back & forth a few times fixing any details that need fixing but she expects it’ll be fully finished within 2 to 4 weeks.

So, while we’re waiting for that to get finished up we’re working on getting the last little things together for our adoptive family profile in hopes that it will be done & ready to go around the same time frame. If it is, then in about 4 weeks or so, we’ll become “active” with our agency & our profile will begin being circulated to birth parents that match what we’re looking for.

We’re pretty open regarding a lot of things but some key features that will limit us a bit are our desire for a boy & our unwillingness to take on a child born with significant special needs or from a family background that has certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, we’ll only know what the birth parents are willing to disclose which adds another risk we take on our end as we pursue this.

Roy & I both suspect we’ll meet our little one before Christmas though, so here’s hoping our suspicions ring true!

Our trip to Canada unfortunately didn’t go quite as well as we’d hoped it would but it was still nice to see everyone & especially good for the kids to have the opportunity to create more extended family memories.

Family has always been something that is greatly important to me which is why, despite my distance, I still make the effort to go back & visit as much as possible. I am especially close to my grandmother who raised me & talk or Skype with her on a regular basis as well.

The past 8 and a half months have been rather difficult for the majority of my family unfortunately. There’s been a couple of deaths, a couple of job losses, a pending divorce, & numerous moves. Roy was still in Iraq until mid February. My gallbladder decided it no longer wished to be a part of me resulting in the need for urgent surgery. There was the blow to Roy & I back in May as we further investigated our fertility situation, plus other things I may have forgotten to mention. My point however, is that each & every one of these things has caused significant distress to pretty well each & every member of my family in one way or another & the tension during our trip was pretty high.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy but it ended up being a little more uncomfortable than I’d anticipated. I know that everyone has banded together to be supportive for one another as they’re able, but when trauma & hard times affect every single member the emotional exhaustion that goes along with it leaves little left for continuing to hold up those around, especially for those who can barely hold up themselves.

Of course everyone handles things differently. We all had our good moments & our less than stellar ones, but for me personally, I repeatedly found myself wondering why we didn’t just reschedule things to a later date when things weren’t still so raw & fresh. Healing from each of these things takes time… sometimes a lot of it. I’m a fan of peace & harmony & due to the circumstances it was just difficult to find much of that during this trip.

Still, there were some good times & many photo ops. I just hope the memories that were made by the kids were those of fun & family bonding.

Memories of Camping, Go-Karts & Mini Golf…

Pony rides, Hay rides, & baby cows that suck fingers…

Swimming, Water parks, the Ocean, Boat rides & more!

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