There’s so much I want to write about & share with you all but alas it’s been such a busy week for the girls & I, what with them attending 5 mornings at a beautiful local Vacation Bible School learning how to be little Chef’s & “Shake it Up“.

Unfortunately for me, I’d gotten used to sleeping in once again on most mornings, since school let out back in mid May, so I’ve found it rather difficult trying to drag my sleep deprived behind out of my warm, wonderful, pillowy soft bed at the crack of dawn 8am but I’ve done it each & every morning this past week because not only do I feel this week was important to our children’s spiritual well being but also because I know in another 7 weeks I’ll be doing this 5 mornings a week, every week, for the next 15+ years  (besides Christmas, Spring & Summer breaks) so I really am trying to make the most of every last morning I can sleep in!

Since I’m not much of a morning person & have been dragging myself out of bed for the past week, combined with numerous failed attempts at mid day naps, & a drastically increased social life due to the finding of new & wonderful family friends, I’m plainly & simply… exhausted. My mind is mush & although I have so much I want to write about & share I just haven’t had it in me this week to put it all together into something much more coherent than this.

So, with that said, check back soon because once I catch up on my Z’s I hope to have my clarity refreshed enough to allow me to give you all a decent & worthwhile update.

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