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It’s currently Thursday evening as I write this post but I have it scheduled to publish tomorrow morning since it’s for “Favorite Food Friday“.

I’m currently on a liquid only diet & trying to choke down a gallon bottle of a most disgusting “Miralax & Gatorade blend” in order to clear out my system for an Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP) Test that I have scheduled for tomorrow morning to determine whether I have one or both of my kidneys.

Because I’m not allowed to eat anything until after my test (which is at 8am) & haven’t been able to eat anything for the past 9 hours, it’s of course all I can think about! So hense forth comes this post….


One of my favorite meals since having my Gastric Bypass surgery has been salads. They’re easy to eat (as in I don’t feel like my belly is going to explode after only a few bites) & they’re incredibly tasty & satisfying.

I love Shrimp & they are super high in protein (which is important to all RNY post ops) 4 ounces of shrimp equals 23 grams of protein.

I also love Avocado’s & the combining of the two over a bed of lettuce just tastes awesome!

A while back I went for dinner with a friend of mine during one of the Give Parent’s a Break Nights offered at our bases CDC. It was before Roy came back from Iraq. So anyways, we went to this fine dining restaurant called Scotts of Fifth & part of my order was this Shrimp & Avocado Salad that was drizzled with what tasted similar to Thousand Island’s Dressing although I don’t think that’s actually what it was. It was however delicious & my initial introduction to having Shrimp & Avocado together on my salad. So, on my next grocery trip I gathered up the necessary ingredients to try to recreate it as well as a few extras like a package of Glazed Walnut & Cranberry Salad Topping.

Throwing together a salad is pretty self explanatory but just in case there does happen to be someone reading this that needs further details I’ll give a simple explanation on what to do should you want to try to recreate the deliciousness pictured above….

Ingredients You’ll Need:

* Your favorite type of lettuce or lettuce blend
* Half an Avocado
* 10-20 Small to Medium Sized Cooked Shrimp
* A package of Glazed Walnut & Cranberry Salad Topping or any other type topping you might like
Kraft Fat Free Thousand Island’s Dressing or other dressing of choice
* 5 Grape or Cherry Tomatoes

What To Do:

* Place a few handfuls of your freshly washed or pre packaged lettuce onto a plate of desired size
* Slice up half the Avocado & the Tomatoes into thickness of choice.
* Lay out Avocado slices nicely over lettuce & sprinkle tomatoes on top.
* Lay out cooked shrimp nicely on top of everything else & sprinkle Salad topping of preference
* Lastly, drizzle desired amount of dressing on top & enjoy!

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