I suffer from a huge sensitivity to loud noises & chaotic situations & do my best to keep my home as calm & relaxed as possible. This is not an easy endeavor with 2 three year olds, 2 dogs & 2 birds one in particular of which never seems to be quiet unless it’s between the hours of 12 & 7 am.

I’ve blogged previously about my discontent with Sam & his noise level back when we first got him but he has calmed down considerably the more he’s settled in. Now he only really gets super talkative in the evenings & particularly when I’m on the phone or Skype because when I’m trying to have a conversation with someone he assumes I’m trying to converse with him.

Our Lovebird Phoenix on the other hand starts this high pitched shrill chirping the moment the sun comes up & carries on sporadically throughout the day. I attempted covering him, changing his location in the house, even putting his cage in the laundry room for the nights when I knew I’d want to sleep in the next morning & it all helped temporarily but never for long. Eventually it got to the point that no matter what I tried it had zero effect on him & he would do his high pitched shrill chirping regardless.

His chirps are mind rattling to me & like little explosions in my head. I simply can’t stand it!

For over 6 months I’ve tried to cope through it because he really was a cute & pretty sweet little guy. Perhaps we should have gotten 2 but it was advised that if we wanted him to bond with us that we only get 1 and so that’s what we did & bond with me he did to the point that any time I left the room to go upstairs, or even into the kitchen he would call out with his high pitched shrill chirping.

Unfortunately it finally brought me to the end of my rope & with great consideration I decided to bring him back to the store we bought him from so that he could be adopted out to a family that hopefully has more time to spend giving him whatever it is that he needs because with 2 kids, 2 dogs & a parrot I just don’t have the time to spend holding only the Lovebird all day long just to keep him quiet.

I feel tremendously guilty about bringing him back because I feel that when people get pets it should be a life long commitment. That they aren’t disposable & should be treated as members of the family yet I don’t have a very good track record with this & once again here I am returning my lil guy after over a year with him simply because of his noise level which to many may seem like such a minor issue but believe me when I say I suffer from a huge sensitivity to loud noises & chaotic situations. I truly felt that I was at the end of my rope in putting up with his constant, seemingly never ending, mind rattling chirps that this was the best thing I could have done for him. I do feel he needs more than I can give him which is why he feels the need to make constant noise about it & I really do hope he finds an amazing family to adopt him & give him that as soon as possible.

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