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Thus far I haven’t had too great of a success rate when it comes to attempting to move our family off base. Perhaps it’s because we just aren’t meant to but deep down I really don’t think that’s the case.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you probably know that back in May we attempted to rent an off base house which we loved but the whole ordeal turned ugly & went from a Rental Rollercoaster to a Rental Nightmare pretty fast. We were more or less traumatized by the whole ordeal & decided to stay on base & just wait to see if Roy made Staff Sergeant which would allow us to get onto the waiting list to move over to the “nicer” base housing.

We’re on that list now & apparently could remain on it for another 6 months to a year. Maybe more… Every time I call the housing office to attempt to get some sort of status that would give us an indication of a time frame we’re looking at they refuse to offer us any real answers besides “Oh you guys are WAY down the list. It’s going to be a while.”


Apparently since they are already receiving our money we are not a priority. New comers get the priority & bump us further down the list as they come & with the military people are coming… and going… all the time.

I don’t want to continue waiting indefinitely for a house that better suits are needs. So, now that it’s been close to 6 months since our earlier rental nightmare, I’ve decided to start looking again & found a wonderful house about 25 minutes from base which wasn’t ideal location wise but the house itself was excellent!

It was older but had so much space. Essentially it was listed as a 3 bedroom but was really a 4. It had a HUGE 12×24 Master Bedroom with his & hers closets PLUS a walk in closet too. Then, the *4th* bedroom was just off it & would of been an incredible nursery. It was already painted blue & being used as one. The house had a formal living room & family room, a formal dinning room which was a room of it’s own that was separated by double french doors. The front entry way had a large enclosed foyer with double french doors leading from there into the rest of the house. The kitchen left a lot to be desired but I was completely captivated by everything else the house offered. Even the back yard was amazing & private, had a large screened in patio & also included a hot tub! I was thrilled & after taking the weekend to think it over viewed it a second time this past Monday then put a deposit down for a move in date of December 1st.

Wednesday afternoon the agent called me to say the owner of the house was now having second thoughts about closing sale on the house she was supposed to be buying and moving over to & if she didn’t move out of this house obviously it wouldn’t be available for rent any longer.

My heart sunk a bit & I went back to looking at the listings to see what else was out there that we might like & came across a listing I’d passed over numerous times before. For some reason this time it stuck out to me & I noticed the square footage on it was over 2000 PLUS it had a swimming pool & is located very close to base & it wouldn’t require us to change the girls school. So, I called the agent for that house and within minutes was off to look at it.

The inside is actually not all that exciting but is quite spacious in terms of the amount of different rooms. There is a formal living room & dinning room that aren’t all that big  & are painted an ugly yellow & orange, the bedrooms are about on par with what we have now. There is a large walk in closet in the Master Bedroom however and a large closet in one of the other bedrooms which spans an entire length of the wall. The kitchen is not very attractive, has old cabinets & appliances but is large & provides much storage & counter space which I definitely do not have now. There is an eat in area as well in the kitchen which would be perfect for our small table & chairs set allowing us to use the formal dinning room for something else. Then there is a relatively small family room off the kitchen leading to the sliding patio doors that lead directly to the pool. Off the family room is another set of sliding doors to a very large “bonus room” that once used to be a patio area but has been closed in to create another room in the house & off that is another set of sliding doors that leads to the Master bedroom. The entire layout is a bit strange but all the possibilities for the space & rooms is what makes it appealing as well as the fact we’d be allowed to paint without worrying about having to put it all back after.

The major bonus of this place is the pool & the large private fenced in yard that contains beautiful plants & trees throughout. There’s even a few fruit trees too! The downside is that the pool does not have any sort of security fencing or screening around it so we’d have to install that ourselves & in the meantime would have to be on high alert that the girls wouldn’t go anywhere near it unless with an adult… preferably me…. since I’m the only one in the family who knows how to swim at this time.

Anyways, with much consideration and discussion with Roy we think the benefits outweigh the negatives of this place and decided to submit an application. The Realtor on the first place ended up giving me back my deposit Thursday afternoon because the owner still didn’t know what she wanted to do & early Friday morning I drove down to the new real estate agency & submitted our rental application asking for a move in date of November 15 or later since I haven’t yet given notice on base here & need to.

I spoke with the Realtor for the second house later Friday afternoon & she said everything looked good but that the owner (who lives out of the country) wont be here until Monday & wants to go over everything & decide. Apparently there is also another couple who are interested as well but who came after us. She believes we don’t have anything to worry about though because we were first & have excellent credit but I fear this other couple might be ready to move in immediately & become the better candidate for what the owner might be looking for. The Realtor did state however, that she felt it was safe to tell Roy we have a new house. Honestly though, I don’t think I can believe it until we have a signed lease in hand & she said it wouldn’t be ready until mid next week.

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