So, I blame my cousin entirely for this but I’ve now decided to go into the “Reborning” Doll Painting business.

About 2 years or so ago she introduced me to these extremely life like “reborn” dolls that she had discovered & I was extremely impressed with their level or realism. I started to research them & learned more about them deciding back then that I just had to learn how to make these! Unfortunately, back then finances were way too tight & so beyond bookmarking some of my favorite sites relating to it all, I pushed it all to the back burner.

Sometime last week however my cousin sent me another eBay link to one of these dolls she’d been looking at & the interest perked in me once again.

To me, these baby dolls are like an incredible form of art that I can only hope to one day master. Based on all my research I totally think it’s something I can do & it’s something I really feel passionate about.

I actually have an anatomically correct baby boy doll that is about 20 years old, which I’ve had since I was a little girl. He was my absolute favorite doll growing up (and the reason why I still have him today) because of how “real” he looked but yet he truly has nothing on the realness of these “reborned” dolls. His leg is broken & no matter what I do I can’t seem to fix it. As soon as I pop it back in & move his leg it pops right back out again. So, I’ve decided to go on an have him reborned by someone I found in Florida who actually knows what she’s doing (I don’t want to screw him up!). I found her via eBay & discussed it all with her, sent her a pile of pictures of him, then mailed him out to her on Friday. She said it would take about 3 weeks for her to complete him & I can hardly wait to see his transformation. She’s going to:

  • Give him a new doe suede cuddly body, stuffed with sealed pouches of glass beads & premium fiber fill
  • Make him smell all new & amazingly powdery
  • Fill his limbs with glass and fiberfill too to give him a natural newborn weight
  • Transform his current body into posing plates
  • Open his nose and file with a needle file, then back it with dark felt to add depth
  • Give him new glass eyes
  • A new adorable layette combination of onsies, pants, socks-pretty much anything she think looks adorable on him
  • Micro root new “real” hair for him
  • Give him eyelashes
  • Add a magnetic pacifier
  • Repaint and reblush him from head to toe with her own blend of paints which are painted on in very thin layers and heat set between each one so they will never run, fade or come off

I am so incredibly excited & my hope is to keep him safely displayed in our room until the girls are older & then pass him down to one of them (and either buy or make one for the other) so that they might love & cherish them as much as I have. I’d like to turn them into heirlooms so to speak.

I’ve also ordered a starter kit to attempt to make my very own. I’m sure it’ll take me quite some time. My hope is to get very good at it & eventually set up an additional page on this blog entitled “The Nursery” where I will post pictures of my completed babies that will be available for adoption.

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One Response to “The Art of Reborning”

  • cheryl:

    your welcome lol love you… im excited cause if you are able to create these masterpeices i can have lots of babys hehehehhe i love babys

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