It’s not just cars or computers or the stripes on your sleeve that get upgrades that make a large difference in your life. Its also the simple things like… well… beds.

I think my dislike for my old mattress has been well documented. I even went as far as to buy an 8 dollar foam topper to try to make the mattress better. While the topper did in fact make a difference in the end it still left me with a crappy mattress just with a topper on it. So Wednesday when the opportunity came up to go on a covert op to get some new mattresses not just for myself but a few other NCO’s… well I jumped on it!

We went to an abandoned building here on base and found a few foam mattresses in some unlocked unused rooms and took them to replace the mattresses in our CHUs which had the springs poking out of them. I’m actually a little astonished that the military has let the CHUs here get as bad as they are. Its not just the mattresses it’s the whole set up. The floor on my side of the CHU has some serious sagging areas not to mention that over that there are large gaps in the trim. But I digress. After sleeping on my bed last night I will say that I slept about 100x better and more restful than previously. I even put the foam topper on it too so it’s pretty great and I love it. The bed is firm in a good way and it’s extremely supportive.

It’s not only my bed this week that is getting upgraded. For the last two weeks or so I have been sharing a gator (think a little larger than a golf cart with a gas engine and a truck bed on it). I’m going from that thing to an up armored HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or hummer). I was trained at CST to drive these so its pretty cool that other than for the 30 days I was at CST that I can really use the training and skills that I developed there to at least do something. I like the HMMWV’s as while they handle like a brick on wheels they do have one thing over the gator. The up armored ones have air conditioning and while the gator is fun to drive when its between 105 and 110 every day I would still take air conditioning over fun any day.

(The Gator)

(The Hummer)

For the most part my days have basically been like the movie Groundhog Day. I get up at about 0530 brush my teeth and shave. Go back to my CHU, talk to Jody till about 0645 then go get the keys to the gator. Be at work by 0700, go get breakfast at about 0800, work till about 1230 ~ 1300, go get lunch and run whatever minor errands I need to run, go to dinner at 1900 and then head back to the CHU to talk to Jody till about 2300 ~ 2330, go to bed and get up the next day to do it all over again. For every 4 days I do this I get 1 day off. My day off is smoothie day. That’s the day that after lunch I walk over to the PX area and get me a Strawberry Banana and Raspberry smoothie. It cost me $5.50 for a large and its probably the greatest thing ever here. Sadly, due to being under manned I do not get any PT time. Hopefully things here will stable out here pretty soon so I can easily start hitting the gym again.

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