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It’s occurred to me that I haven’t blogged much recently about the girls in particular so I wanted to make a post all about them.

They’ve both been in school now for about 4 weeks & right after they started I also began full out potty training with them, which they’ve been doing awesome with.

It was a little touch & go at first with Brooklynn & I still sometimes wonder about her, but with Alanna it was just time & she took right to it. Even at school the teacher now has in her in panties all day too. The only time I put a diaper or pull up on her anymore is for certain outings & for naps & bedtime.

Brooklynn still wears a pull up all day at school. Her teacher is not willing to attempt panties until Brooklynn can stay dry most of the day in her pull up, which I guess she can’t. However, at home she goes potty all the time with no problems whatsoever. When she’s out though it’s an entirely different story. See, I don’t think Brooklynn actually knows when it is that she needs to go. I think what’s happening is that she just sits on the potty a hundred times a day while at home and sometimes she actually goes which is a surprise to her when she does. The other thing is that neither of the girls understand the concept of asking to go potty if they need to when we’re out so unless I remember (which I’m still working on) they just go in their pull up.

Anyways, it’s huge progress in my eyes & I’m pretty excited for them both. Hopefully they’ll be almost completely trained other than bed time (which I know can take a LOT longer to master) by the time Daddy comes home.

As far as preschool is going, Brooklynn in particular is loving it. It’s funny because she used to cry almost every time she came with me to bring Alanna to school or to pick her up again last year because she was afraid I was going to make her stay too. On her first day of school this year she sobbed something terrible. She tried everything in her power to try & push everyone’s focus to Alanna even going so far as to push her sister out in front of her in an effort to say “Here, take her!” but when it was all to no avail she sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed!

By the following day she walked right into her class room in the morning happy as a clam & waved goodbye to me without so much as a tear.

By the 3rd day she didn’t even bother to say goodbye to me!

Brooklynn’s teacher takes a bunch of pictures each week & emails me a link to view them all every Friday. I absolutely love this & really enjoy being able to see the fun things she’s doing in school but unfortunately I now have a massive amount of preschool pictures of her but not really anything of Alanna, so I asked Alanna’s teacher about it today & she said she does take some pictures too but usually only prints them to post on the wall in their class room. I asked her if she would email me some & she said she would so I hope she follows through with that.

Alanna has been doing pretty well in school too but seems to be having some emotional issues as of late. I’m not entirely sure what all is happening but I do know she had lil an accident (wetting her pants) in the playground last week & at some point during the same day apparently one of the girls in her class pushed her down. I don’t know why & the teacher didn’t even mention it to me. The only reason I found out was because the following day the little girls mother stopped me as I was leaving after dropping the girls off in the morning to try to have her daughter apologize to me. She didn’t & instead squirmed, avoided eye contact & ran away but after hearing that it happened I started to understand why Alanna had left school in a rather fowl mood the afternoon before & then I became upset thinking about how my poor lil 3 year old was being bullied.

This week seems to be presenting issues for her as well. Tuesday was alright, but this afternoon apparently Alanna wet her pants again & as we were walking to the van after school I asked them if they had a good day. Brooklynn excitedly replied “Yeah!!!” while Alanna just shook her head & then began crying. I stopped & tried to talk to her asking her what happened but she couldn’t say & I couldn’t figure it out so I ended up carrying her the rest of the way to the van feeling terrible that my baby isn’t enjoying school anymore.

I have no idea if she was pushed again or bullied in some other way, but I imagine the kids probably saw her wet herself again & made fun of her.

This is, in my perspective, the downside to having her in panties all day when she’s still training because no one would know if she had an accident if she was in a pull up….

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