Well of all the things about Iraq that I have disliked a major one has been the lack of creature comforts in our rooms. Yeah sure, we have beds and a place to store our stuff but other than that there is very little.

My roommate and myself have scrounged up a TV (which we haven’t hooked up yet) and a fridge that we do have hooked up but we found it with God knows how old of food in it…

I had other issues however, namely with my bed. See, my mattress really sucks. It was honestly causing me back issues and I was only really sleeping every few night as it was so uncomfortable that it wasn’t allowing me to actually get some rest. My pillow and sheet set I bought in Kuwait because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get anything when I got here, but the pillow that I bought is pretty thin. The sheets thankfully are pretty comfortable and fortunately they issued me a blanket when I got here.

My mattress on the other hand is pretty thread bare. I bet it hasn’t been replaced since its gotten out here several years ago. I was starting to be able to feel the springs of the mattress through it. So, yesterday I went and bought me an 8 dollar foam mattress topper and another pillow. These two things seemed to have made all the difference in improving the quality of my bed. I still miss my king sized bed back in Florida (and having my wife sharing it with me) but really for the most part this is now tolerable. That combined with a second pillow seems to have made the quality of my bed that much better.

Nothing much has happened here this last week. I had an issue with one of my troops where I needed to send her back home to the states as she had a death in the family. Other than that there hasn’t been a lot going on here. Its been all quiet which I really like.

(My laptop screen got broken during my travel here so my sister sent me a temporary one to use while I send mine in to HP for repair)

The pickings this week at the chow hall hasn’t been all that great, which is good for me I guess as I’m looking to lose some weight. At this point I’m looking to restart going to the gym quite often as I want to leave here in great shape. But this last week I haven’t done too well at going to the gym mostly because I’m still getting use to the area and the ungodly heat that is the typical weather here.

There have been a few things that have annoyed me greatly. Mostly, when I’m at work we have to have the TV on to the news and AFN runs these stupid commercials. Now granted they do give some good info but really I don’t need to see a domestic violence commercial AND a sexual assault commercial every other commercial break. The other thing is the temp in my room. My roommate insists that we have the temp at 20C or approx 68F and it sucks half the time. I’m in my room literally shivering because it’s so darn cold in there that at times I can see my breath. Now it is a desert and I do understand that but sheesh, it’s just way too cold in there!

Anyways, I’m also finding that I really enjoy some of Kid Rocks work. I like his rock and country songs particularly, but not so much his rap. The song below in particular meant a lot to me & makes me think of Jody. So this is for her:

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