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I know this is pretty late but we really did have a wonderful time during our trip to Canada this summer & I really wanted to recap it & share some of the many photo’s & memories that we made.

We stayed at my gramma’s place for most of our stay & managed to go do something fun almost every single day during the 3 weeks that we were there. It was pretty exciting but completely exhausting & somehow it was all I could do just to keep up with not only the kids but my nearly 7o year old gramma who appears to have made an impressive recovery from her heart surgery &  pace maker surgery that she had just a year ago! I also had a bit of difficulty adapting to the 3 hour time change heading over there & overall I think it took a good few days to fully adjust.

The day after our arrival we went to check out a new wave pool that was recently built. So my gramma, the girls, my cousin Cheryl & her daughter Danika all met up there for a few hours of fun swimming & then did this again the evening before we headed back home to Florida.

The first week we were there we also went over the the BC Forest Discovery Center where I purchased a season membership so that I could bring the girls a number of times to ride their train. This worked out much cheaper than having to pay per visit & was by far one of the biggest highlights for the girls who absolutely LOVE train rides now after their first experience on one back in Utah this past July. Almost every day they begged to go so we made quite a few trips there & including a special one for BC Day since they had quite the lil “to do” with bubbles, a bounce house, a singing clown entertainer & more.

We also spent a few days & a couple of nights over at my aunts little farm where Cheryl & Danika also live now in an upstairs suite. The girls loved spending time there together getting to see the mini horses, playing with Danika on her swing set & trampoline,  going on mini horse drawn carriage rides with Nana (my aunt), playing in the little kiddie pool & sprinkler, or just watching the chickens wander around.

There was also an evening spent with my aunt, uncle, Cheryl & Danika at SunFest (picture at top), which is basically a weekend Country Music Festival where we were waiting especially to hear from well known Canadian Country Music Singer “Johnny Reid“.

On another day my gramma, Danika, the girls & I took a day trip up to Victoria together where we introduced the kids to some of the most delicious Dim Sum ever at a place my gramma & I have tried to go to together whenever we can. Unfortunately, the kids were all too young to really appreciate the deliciousness of it all but we still had a nice time & took them after down the the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center (which really wasn’t as much fun as I’d thought it would be) before heading home on a tiny but fun ferry ride instead of doing the hour plus drive on the highway.

During one of our weekends there we did a camping trip up in Qualicum with my gramma, aunt & uncle, Cheryl & Danika. It was a bit of a luxury type camping trip being that we were able to stay in a cabin with beds, a kitchen, full bathroom, TV, phone & WiFi, but I thought it was great. We did a couple day trips away from the camp ground to do some bumper boating & to let the kids run wild at a super huge beach side park that they loved. We got to check out an impressive sand castle competition too.

Our weekend of camping ended off on my 28th birthday & a delicious buffet lunch with my gramma, aunt, uncle, Cheryl, Danika & the girls. From there my gramma & I decided to take a hotel for a night in Nanaimo and after a breif visit to my moms place with the girls I brought them back to the hotel where my gramma so kindly took care of them for me for the rest of the evening to allow me a relaxing birthday dinner with my mom & sister. Then afterwards I spent a few hours visiting my sister & her new baby at her place.

The following morning gramma & I went and checked out some stores she’d been wanting to go to for some time but which she rarely ever gets to due to the drive from where she lives and ended our time there off with a fish & chip lunch on the pier before heading back to her place.

That Tuesday I think was the only day we spent doing absolutely nothing, which I was extremely grateful for. I was just so completely exhausted & needed that day to regenerate!

I did make one more day trip back to Nanaimo with the girls so that we could spend a good few hours once again visiting with my mom. I picked up some KFC & we had a good time sharing lunch together & letting the girls run around her back yard where they thoroughly investigated what may have very well been their first snail before heading over to my sisters again for a few more hours where they enjoyed getting to see their cousin “Baby Cohen”.

Another day was spent at this super fun indoor play place called “Jumping Jiminy’s” with the girls, Cheryl & Danika. The kids absolutely LOVED their time here & played for over 4 hours straight. I seriously recommend checking this place out if you have young children & happen to be in the Nanaimo area because it’s just awesome & there’s even a cafe for the parents to get food, snacks & gourmet coffee’s. They also sell pitchers of lemonade for some like $2.50. It was great!

The pictures don’t show nearly what all this place has to offer but these were my favorites. The reason Alanna is sticking her tongue out in a bunch of these is because for 2 weeks she’d been trying to copy Cheryl in “curling her tongue” she desperately wanted to know how to curl hers too & with great strain & effort she did finally get it figured out. I only wish I had of been quick enough to catch some of the antics on video because it was absolutely hilarious!

I mentioned in a previous post that we also had a little birthday celebration for Brooklynn since her birthday was only a few weeks later & my gramma really wanted to have a chance to celebrate with her. So we had a lil play party at a local park/water park where the kids had a blast & cake!

And last but not least, on one of our final days together we attempted to get an adorable set of pictures of all 3 girls in matching pink dresses, but alas when they’re hot & tired it really doesn’t matter how cute they look ‘aint NO ONE going to force them look happy about it!

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