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Well here I am attempting this again. I had quite a long post typed out but I came back from lunch to find some one rebooting my machine to test something out. That really ticked me off as unprofessional considering that there was other machines in the office in order to do the test, but no… they had to use mine and I lost everything that I had typed out.

I have honestly been pleasantly surprised by my stay here in Iraq. I had expected it to be worse than this and was fearing that every day would be hell. For the most part however, its pretty easy and laid back here… until the help desk that I’m helping run gets busy and then it seems all hell breaks loose. It also doesn’t help that we have a Captain that wants to change things just to change things so he can leave his mark here before he leaves to go home in 2 weeks or so. I’m hoping once he leaves that things will calm back down here again. I’m currently not NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) but I’m being trained to take over for the outgoing guy which is a good thing considering by the time the outgoing guy leaves the Captain will be gone too and then hopefully the climate will be a little more susceptible to some of the changes I want to make in the shop.

(A pathway between sleeping facilities)

It doesn’t help that the current Staff Sergeant in charge here picks and chooses the rules he operates by… even though he is subject to the same ones as the rest of us, then gets defensive about it when someone calls him out
on it.

So far nothing bad has happened here. Well other than being chewed out twice for perceived wrongs from people who didn’t have the whole story about some jokes I cracked etc. I’m amazed at how relaxed it is here though. Well other than when it comes to my female troop walking alone in the dark then its not so relaxed, but that’s a story for another time.

(Shower facilities on the left, some storage on the right)

The Mt dew can here are amusing. I was a little shocked and still attempting to learn to drink from them as its kinda difficult to get use to. By now I’m sure you guys have seen the pictures from Jody’s previous post about it.

(Random piles of free bottled water for us)

I’m irritated with and at the same time loving Sniper-Hill which is my ISP here in Iraq. I love being able to contact my wife pretty much anytime she is awake I love being able to check my personal email and my Facebook ect. However, I hate the fact that it costs so darn much for a 512 connection ($150.00 a MONTH!!!). I could go with a lower connection rate for less money but then I couldn’t use Skype with my wife which in the evenings has become quite the treat for me to be able to do.

(Some Army art)

I really don’t like having a roommate. My roommate works from 12 to 8 at night. Witch under normal circumstances would be great but under the current ones when I come back to the CHU in the evening its really a pain in the ass as hes asleep for about an hour and half to two hours when I come home, so Im sitting in the dark with my laptop either playing star craft 2 or talking to Jody.

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