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It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since we found out about Brooklynn’s rather unfortunate entrance to this world, but for us she was like a little angel sent just for us to become our lil girl & 3 days later she came into our lives forever.

She’s been a little bit spoiled with 2 birthday parties already this year. Neither were very big or anything but we had a lil celebration for her with family up in Canada while we were visiting

And I also decided to go on and have a lil combo birthday celebration for both her & Roy last Tuesday afternoon since it was going to be our last chance to celebrate their birthday’s all together this year.

Roy & I aren’t really all that into cake so I just picked up 2 pretty little cupcakes from the commissary for the girls to enjoy & a big peanut covered brownie for Roy. For me I chose a little tiny brownie bite with a lil red rose on top then we celebrated after picking the girls up from their first day of preschool together this year & just before we had to head back to the airport once again for Roy to return to the base he’d be heading on his journey from.

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