The girls & I returned home from our trip to Canada at about 1:30am this morning. We had a wonderful time that I hope to blog more about in another post but this one is to express my happiness to find out today that Roy has officially made Staff Sergeant!!! Something he’s been working to obtain for a few years now & after the major disappointment that he went through regarding the whole ordeal about 2 years ago it’s about time he finally gets to sew on that extra stripe! Plus he has a spot in line at only #17 (out of thousands) so we suspect he’ll be sewing in on in just a few weeks!!!


This also means that as soon as he sews it on we can get on the waiting list for the “Nice” base housing instead of the “Ghetto” we’re stuck in now ;)

Also for exciting news is that in just a few hours he’ll be home!!! He’s been approved for just under a week of leave to come home before he heads overseas. They could call while he’s here & tell him he has to be back sooner though, but they could also call & tell him he can stay longer too. It’s all kind of up in the air right now but we hope to have him home from this evening until the afternoon of the 24th at least. I am just so excited to see him that I can hardly contain myself & I think the girls are pretty excited too. They don’t quite understand but they’ve been asking where he is a lot today & I think they’ll be pretty thrilled when they see him & can hug him at the airport in a couple hours.

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