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One of our local theaters here is doing a summer promotion of free kids movies being offered every Tuesday & Wednesday morning.

This morning I decided to brave the theater with a friend of mine & all of our kids so that we could introduce them to the joys of seeing a movie in theater.

Being that my girls can barely sit through a half hour Nick Jr. episode at home I was feeling pretty nervous about how it might go trying to get them to sit through an entire movie for an hour or two, but I was hopeful that with enough popcorn to keep them busy we might have success.

I’m not much of a morning person but I set my alarm for 8am & dragged my behind out of bed so that I could get the girls up, changed, dressed, fed & out the door by 9am in order to be at the theater by 9:30am, which is when we had planned to meet up with my friend & her two boys aged 1 & (almost) 3.

I was very impressed that the movie itself was 100% free (even for parents!)… the popcorn & snacks on the other hand is where they get your money.

A large bucket of popcorn, large bottle of water, small package of Twizzlers & $15.00 later we got ourselves situated into in a side row of only 4 seats. It worked out though since neither of my friends boys wanted to sit alone & both wanted to be in her lap at the exact same moment. So, she & her boys took one seat while the girls & I took the other 3. I kind of feel bad…

The movie that played was Ice Age 3 & the girls were amazingly well behaved throughout the entire thing. I was extremely impressed.

They each got a little box tray that I filled over & over with popcorn from the bucket, which they held on their laps & munched on the whole time. I also brought them each a sippy cup from home that I filled with water from the super expensive bottle of water that we purchased there & near the end of the movie, when I could tell they were getting a bit antsy, I whipped out the Twizzlers & that got us successfully through the last 20 minutes or so.

My friend on the other hand had a much more difficult experience with her 3 year old wanting to either be on her lap, climbing on her, over her, behind her, or in front of her seemingly to talk to the people in the row in front of us, while her 1 year old spent the first 3/4 of the movie flailing about & periodically crying. I held him for a bit & thought he was going to go to sleep but no sooner did I think that & he started flailing again so I handed him back. He did eventually pass out near the end of the movie though. I’m just not sure my friend will be in any hurry to try to attempt this again.

I do admire her for trying though! I don’t think I’d be nearly as brave to attempt this with a preschooler & a baby. The girls & I had an absolute blast however & I really hope to be able to do this another time or two before this free summer promotion ends.

(I just hope that next time I don’t forget to bring the dogs back into the house & end up leaving them for hours on end outside in hot & humid 100 degree weather!… They did thankfully have access to shade & water but I feel terrible for having forgot them like that. ‘Tis part of the joys of being a mom & trying to take care of too many things sometimes)

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