I apologize for the lack of blogging over the last week. I’ve been in a bit of a funk trying to navigate my way through some unfortunate news & events that have occurred or come to light just recently.

There’s been the rental rollercoaster from before turned into a rental nightmare, then finding out my step father’s cancer has returned in the form of small cell lung cancer & there’s not much that can be done about it anymore. There’s also been finding out I will be on my own with the kids for about 7 out of the next 8 months due to Roy’s work, which I can’t elaborate on with any details unfortunately but it’s something we knew we’d have to go through eventually considering the line of work he’s in. Then to top it all off with a rotten cherry I discovered late last night that my World of Warcraft account was hacked & basically everything that I’ve worked hard to obtain on my toons over the last 5 years was stripped from me, but I’ll save the details on all that for another post.

As for the rental nightmare, after a great deal of thought, we decided to pretty much forfeit our $500 security deposit and refused to sign the lease (that may or may not of ever become available) in order to avoid getting into a long term contract with people we clearly couldn’t trust.

For those of you who already know what happened you may not want to bother reading the rest of this post, but for those of you who don’t know the story, here it is:

My last post (linked above) mentions how we put down our security deposit… but from there it took 3 full weeks before we were able to make contact with the agent again when we were expecting to hear from her within about 7 to 10 days in order to sign the lease that she had said took their attorney 5 days to prepare. So, after 2 weeks went by without a word I began worrying & became increasingly upset with each passing day that went by where we didn’t hear from her.

The owner of the house had emailed me right after we put down the deposit saying that she wanted to meet us & would be down over the memorial weekend. We agreed & asked her to contact us with a precise time, but the weeks went by & so did the memorial weekend without any word from her either. I attempted to send her a brief email at the start of the long weekend asking if she still wanted to meet with us but got nothing in reply.

By the time the long weekend had ended we were pretty upset & assuming the worst. After all, the last time the agent dropped contact with us for just a week was right after we thought we had a deal on the place only to find out a week later that they were entertaining some other offer, so why would this time be any different? I checked the MLS listings where I first found the house advertised & sure enough the house was still listed as available (despite the fact we had put money down on it to “secure” it for us).

I finally decided to send the agent an email asking what the delay was & basically letting her know that I was aware the house was still being advertised. Was there something we should know?

The next day after receiving no reply I attempted to call her directly at her office but the receptionist told me she wasn’t in yet & had only been coming in the afternoons lately. I did not wish to leave a message & waited yet another day before emailing her once more expressing very clearly how upset & disappointed I was with the unprofessional way this entire situation was being handled. How I felt the intent to rent to us was no longer in good faith & how we’d appreciate if they would have enough decency & respect for us & our time to just tell us straight out if they’d prefer to rent or sell to someone else & lastly that if this is what they wanted then I expected to have our deposit ready to be picked up or else returned to us by mail immediately.

All in a sudden less than an hour later I finally got a reply!

She claimed she’d been on vacation (even though I’d just spoken with her receptionist the day before who said she’d been coming in the afternoons… nothing about her being on vacation).

She then proceeds to tell me that everything is in check with where we need to be with the lease but that she didn’t feel it needed to be signed until just before we moved in. Then after a few emails back & forth she tells me the lease isn’t even prepared yet & that she’s about to submit everything to the attorney to prepare it but wants to be sure we want the place…. uhhh what?!?!

I told her twice that basically if this is the way they’re going to play this then we want nothing more to do with it & the next thing I know I suddenly have the owner emailing me apologizing for not having responded to the email about us meeting. Apparently she had her own personal crisis going on & was unable to let us know that she wouldn’t be down. I responded by letting her know everything that had been transpiring regarding the agent, the lack of communication & the lies. She acted shocked by what I had to say & said she too had been having communication issues with the agent but that she really did want to rent to us & had pushed all sorts of other offers aside because she felt confidant about us being a Military family & all. She said that if we’d go on & sign the lease with the agent since we’d both paid fees towards having the supposed lease prepared then she planned to fire the agent after & no longer have her as the property manager so that we could deal with her directly.

It all sounded good, my faith felt slightly renewed but amongst all of this we had also discovered that Brooklynn’s Adoption Assistance funding, which is at an elevated rate due to her developmental delays, would be coming up for a re-assessment in November & she had a developmental assessment scheduled for June 7th to re-determine her level of delays & eligibility to be transferred into the same program that Alanna is currently in, which allows her to go to the specialized preschool class. This raised concerns with me since I hadn’t thought this all through before & the very real possibility of her not being eligible meant the elevated rate would be significantly dropped come November… which would make the additional costs of living in this house absolutely unaffordable for us.

And of course as I figured, when she had her assessment just this past Monday, they said she scored pretty high & likely wouldn’t be eligible for the same program that Alanna is in but yet they couldn’t confirm anything for certain until we have a meeting closer to her 3rd birthday in August. Knowing the likelihood was slim I definitely did not want to move our whole family over to this new house only to discover in 4 or 5 months that we’d lose the funding & then have to break lease, pay the huge lease break fee & move us all back to base again with our tails between our legs… so we turned the house down.

Since it was us who turned it down we have forfeited our deposit & apparently even run the risk of them deciding to come after us for damages (in the form of a months worth of rent) to the owner due to the fact she supposedly “held” the place for us for a month and a half. Of course if they really want to push this I will involve our own attorney because I really don’t consider a house that still being listed as “available”  as being “held” for us & I doubt a judge would see it that way either, but I’d really rather not have to go through the stress of all that.

So here’s hoping we can all just move on with our lives.

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