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Today is Alanna’s last day of preschool for this school year & I am so excited to go back to the bliss of sleeping in once again. However, I will miss it at the same time & I think she really will too.

She had a very difficult time adjusting in the beginning. There was some major mood changes, crying when I picked her up because she wanted to stay, then clinging to me excessively the entire time she was at home. Bizarre behaviors we just weren’t used to seeing & eventually we decided to cut her down to half days instead of full days because clearly the extra 3 hours for a barely 3 year old was just too much for her to handle.

Immediately after cutting back to half days & picking her up right after lunch, so that I could bring her home for her much needed nap, we started seeing changes. She was leaving school more happily, there was no clinginess at home, she was napping well & the only real issue we were noticing was an ever increasing vocabulary & attitude we can only assume she’d been picking up from the other kids at school.

One of her favorite responses these days has become “No Way!” regardless of what we’re asking her. Of course it didn’t take long for Brooklynn to pick up this vocabulary too & we’ve ended up with 2 snotty little girls telling us “No Way!” all day.

I can tell the girls really do miss each other each day that Alanna is gone. Brooklynn always knows around what time I go to pick Alanna up & usually begins asking for her about 30 minutes ahead of time. Since I pick Alanna up during Roy’s lunch I rarely bring Brooklynn with me so when I go & get Alanna all I hear from her on the way home is “Brooklynn!”, then as soon as they see each other they excitedly call out each others names & come together in a big magnetic hug… unless Alanna just so happens to be in one of her really fowl moods which does still happen on the odd occasion.

Unfortunately, after their oh so loving reconnection & embrace, the fight is on & they immediately begin the competition for everything & anything in the house which consists of a whole lot of yelling & screaming, followed by whining & crying because it doesn’t matter that there is two of something, they just HAVE to have whatever the other happens to have at that very minute. I usually thank God that at this point that it’s  just about nap time & once I have them down I enjoy the peace & quiet until they’re up & at it all over again for the entirety of the late afternoon & evening till they’re once again back in bed. I just keep trying to remind myself that “this too shall pass”… maybe?

It’s for this particular reason I’m going to miss preschool. It’s a chunk of the day I don’t have to deal with their constant bickering. Obviously some days are better than others but the 3 days a week that Alanna was in school was 3 days a week where half the day was peaceful.

August 9th is when school starts back up again. We had hoped Brooklynn would also be eligible for this same program that Alanna is in but with the Early Intervention & Speech Therapy that she’s been receiving at home she’s managed to catch up to a more typical level pretty quickly & there’s now talk that she may not qualify.

I’m personally not convinced that she knows all that they think she knows.

Brooklynn is an incredible mimic & always has been. The therapists pretty much bring the same stuff to work with every single week & they go over the same things, over & over & over again. For Brooklynn this is easy because she’s just learned to memorize the response required for these particular activities that they do with her.

However, if you put her in a different situation with different activities like say the bathtub with a bunch of those colorful alphabet foamies as opposed to a particular puzzle she’s been doing repeatedly for a year & then ask her to identify the colors of the foamies instead of the colors of the puzzle pieces that she’s used to identifying… well then she no longer knows what she’s doing.

Now she’s my little girl & I don’t want to appear to be belittling her accomplishments but as far as I’m concerned she’s only managed to successfully memorize certain things for certain situations. She hasn’t actually learned what she should be & because she’s my little girl & so important to me, I absolutely do not want to see her get passed up on services she needs because they think she knows stuff that she really doesn’t.

We do plan to suspend services over the summer & I suspect when they go to test her again just before the next school year starts she probably won’t score as high as she is currently. Especially if they use some equipment she’s not used to working with but I guess we’ll just have to wait & see what happens.

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