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So if you’ve been following my mini updates on the right side bar here or happen to be a friend on my Facebook profile then you may have noticed the rollercoaster we’ve been going around on regarding the house that we looked at a while back.

I had posted about it previously saying how much we loved & wanted it but that it was just not going to be very conductive to our continued efforts of becoming debt free & saving. Especially since I had contacted the various utility companies & found out it was going to cost between $250 & $300 a month for them & the electric company alone wanted a $400 deposit just to create an account with them since we’d never had one before.

Roy & I had pretty much come to the mutual decision that it would be in our best interest to push our thoughts of moving to the back burner & just focus on our debt free & savings plan so that perhaps this time next year we could get into a place without it hurting our pocket book so much.

It was about then that I got a random email from the agent letting us know the house was in fact still available & the owner was willing to drop the security deposit from $1200 to $500 so that we could get all our utilities hooked up, she was willing to waive the pet deposit completely & also drop the rent by $100 a month for the entire first year.

I was baffled that someone would be so willing to work with us & I’m pretty sure it’s not because there’s some sort of hidden crappiness about the house. I really believe there is a sense of security knowing that we’re a military family. A sense of security that makes us a more desirable tenant because if we were to “screw them over” in any type of way we’d be talking possible jail time for Roy & even dishonorable discharge from the service. Something we would never want to have happen, so obviously, we move through life treating things like rental properties, check writing & more with higher standard of care than “some” people whom the landlords truly fear accidentally renting to.

With such a sweet deal we just couldn’t say no so I let the agent know that if we could get it all in writing then we had a deal. The landlord agreed & then promptly fell off the face of the earth for about a week.

I was beginning to assume all sorts of things but did finally get hold of her to find out they actually had an offer from some guy who wanted to lease the place for 3 years & then buy it. Why she couldn’t have contacted me to tell me what was going on sooner I don’t know, but I told her that I understood that obviously this would be a far better deal for the owner & then once again began writing the place off in my mind.

The very next day however I got an email from her stating that the deal from the guy was apparently no good & the owner really did want to rent to us. She included the application finally & we spent the weekend filling it out.

This morning I dropped it off with mixed emotions. I’m extremely excited about the place in general yet afraid for reasons unknown. Part of me also thinks because of everything that’s transpired so far we’re going to end up losing it in the end due to some offer that’s going to come out of nowhere before we’re able to secure it with the deposit, but I’m hopeful to get a call or email in a few days saying the applications been approved, the lease is ready to sign & the deposit is able to be put down.

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