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For the past couple of weeks we’ve been verbally counting down the days to our dog Orly regarding how many days he has left with his balls which he will be having surgically removed tomorrow morning.

(He doesn’t seem very impressed?)

Some might view this as cruel but it’s not like he understands what we’re saying to him & the decision to have him neutered is actually quite bittersweet for us.

We first purchased him with the plan that he would not only be another member of the family but also a stud for our female Boston when they were both old enough. We used to breed our Miniature Pinschers that we once had & it was such an amazing experience that I really wanted to be able to breed a few litters with our beautiful sweet natured AKC Bostons.

Unfortunately despite our careful pickings of them as pups from two separate unrelated litters where the parents were all around 15lbs each we ended up with Sasha, our female Boston being a tiny 11 lbs and Orly, our male being whopping 22lbs, which may not sound like a big difference to some but considering it’s literally double Sasha’s size it’s just too big of a difference to safely breed the two of them.

So with great consideration we decided to have both of them fixed & give up on the idea of ever breeding either of them. Sure we could of sold one & found a replacement but we love them & are very attached to them both. They are members of our family.

Unfortunately, Orly has seen Sasha through two of her heats now & with the last one he was old enough to be triggered by it. This led to an incessant need for him to mark his territory in certain favorite locations of his throughout our dinning room & it’s become extremely frustrating for us to deal with. He doesn’t do it all the time but when he does I just want to scream & boot him to the curb. Yes, I know it’s our own fault. We should have fixed him a lot sooner if we didn’t want this problem, but with our male Min Pin we NEVER had this problem EVER. So I wasn’t exactly prepared for this.

We’ve tried putting male dog wraps around him but he perfected the art of escaping them within a week & short of that I just don’t know what else to do. So I am left really hoping & praying that it’s not too late & that this neuter will be enough to snap him out of this habit.

I also intend to bleach down every inch of the dinning room so that the scent of his markings will no longer be there to encourage him.

So here’s hoping!

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