It’s Roy’s 28th Birthday today!…. Sadly he had to work through most of it.

After he got home we went for Mongolian BBQ at the China King…. but unfortunately it wasn’t very good tonight.

I managed to squeeze in a little grocery shopping early this afternoon before the girls napped and I bought a small package of fresh bakery truffle brownies and  after we were home from dinner surprised him with a couple of them and a candle burning. Based on how fast he polished them off I assume he was either still hungry from the not so great dinner or he REALLY like the truffle brownies!

I’d of baked a cake, but I don’t really have any baking tins or accessories and he doesn’t really like cake….. It seems to of worked out however.


My step dad had major surgery yesterday to remove part of his lung due to what they think was cancer, but we’re still waiting to find out whether it was malignant or benign.

It was a pretty intense surgery that took a solid 5 hours to complete and I’m relieved to know he made it through ok. He spent last night in ICU with a breathing tube down his throat, but it was removed this morning and by this evening he was transferred to a regular ward instead of ICU. It’s expected he’ll still be in hospital another 4 or 5 days though.

All I can say is the fear both he and my mom have had to endure for the last while about whether he would live or die through this surgery is yet another valid reason to quit smoking… NOW!… and hopefully avoid ever being in that same predicament.

Thankfully he’s been smoke free now for almost 2 years…. after 40 years of smoking.

This coming Tuesday will be 4 solid weeks smoke free for me!!!!

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